Il Duce Due*

Coincidence?  My Mom lived under Mussolini's reign.  She caught this arrogant stance  immediately.

Coincidence? My Mom lived under Mussolini’s reign. She caught this arrogant stance immediately.


My friend Marvin sent me this video which is perfect for today’s posting:

BTW…if you haven’t seen “Hating Breitbart,” SEE IT!!!!  It finally came to Hawaii for a limited engagement.  Breitbart was a fearless warrior and we should all learn from him.  Favorite Breitbart line from the movie:  “I embrace confrontation and you should, too!  It’s the only way we can win.”  AMEN.  (*NOTE:  “Due” is the number two in Italian)

Take it Away, Carl!

Here we go again.

With today’s Sunday network talk shows we can see the time-worn Clintonian strategy (insert: old story, irrelevant, no there, there, etc.) developing right before our eyes. It only works through cooperation of democrats and media opinion shapers.

Because Obama is a left wing liberal (a mild description) the media will only go so far with uncovering all his corruption (don’t forget, they leaked on themselves about IRS, likely to take heat off Benghazi). Even now, far left and left-of center news organizations are asking the ‘are-we-being-too-tough-on-Obama?’ questions. And if polls don’t move toward a compelling reason to investigate the corruption the heavy lifting will fall to the Republicans. And we know how they can be accused of conducting a ‘witch hunt.’ 

A similar pattern emerged during Watergate. The average Joe supported Nixon. But the constant drone of media personalities like Daniel Shore, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and others eventually changed perceptions that led to Nixon’s fall. Don’t forget, Nixon won re-election with 49 of 50 states in the 1972 election. Two years later, the US media helped remove him from office, heralding the era of ‘investigative’ journalism.

It may just work. Ever see the twisted relationships between Obama and the media? Like a revolving door! And there is a lot of off-the-record spinning going on between the administration with sympathic reporters. Even this week, the New York Times was caught red handed changing a headline showing the WH knew about these IRS abuses before the 2012 election, only to have that changed to words to the effect that the ‘GOP is savoring the attack.’ Not even subtle bias. 

So, unless there are more revelations, count on this being a long hot summer. And don’t be frustrated if you notice the media back to carrying Obama’s water. Afterall, exposing him and his entire agenda as corruption personified will be painful for those most sympathetic to the cause. 


Il Duce 
Update:BOB SCHIEFFER SEEMS TO HAVE HAD ENOUGH: Schieffer to Obama Advisor: ‘Why Are You Here? Why Isn’t the White House Chief of Staff Here?’Plus (Scheiffer): “I have to tell you that is exactly the approach that the Nixon administration took. They said, ‘These are all second-rate things. We don’t have time for this. We have to devote our time to the people’s business.’ You’re taking exactly the same line they did.”

Could I be mistaken in thinking the media would begin to protect Obama after a week of these revelations of corruption???????


Thanks, But No Thanks: It’s an Obama World… Pakistani Doctor Who Helped Find Bin Laden Was Denied Asylum in US (It’s Not Just Veterans He Throws Under The Bus)
IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records 
We’ll look back and remember last week as the week it all started.
Needing a Catch Phrase to Hide From Investigators, Obama Goes With….Race Card (His Version of Nixon’s ‘I must Get Back to Work For The People That Elected Me.’)



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10 responses to “Il Duce Due*”

  1. Carl says :

    BREAKING NEWS: IRS union denies ‘smoking gun’ meeting with Obama(!!!)

    Let’s see how the watchdogs handle this. Especially after more attacks on Journalist, James Rosen at FNC.

  2. jan hollstein says :

    His arrogance makes me sick…thanks for the posts & links & videos 😉 Keep his feet to the fire until they sizzle..!

  3. Carl says :

    Shaka to Marvin for that gem, sung to the tune ‘Great Pretender.’ In the song’s lyrics he says, ‘pretending to be wearing a crown.’ Well he doesn’t get one. But he sure thinks he has one, as do his close associates.

  4. NEO says :

    I knew there was something about that jutting chin-just couldn’t place it. Good call Gilia. So why aren’t the trains running on time-near as I can remember that was Mussolini’s claim to fame. This clown can’t even get that done.

    With the prognostication-I think it’s too soon, and too close, to call yet. But we’re in better shape than we were a week ago!!

    • giliar says :

      NEO – the trains need more money. Don’t you get it yet? The solution to everything is more money, more taxes!!

      • NEO says :

        Sure I get it Gilia, only problem is I’m old fashioned, when I give you more money umpteen times, and it doesn’t improve, I get sort of hard-nosed on umpteen +1! And I’m old, I ain’t getting over it. 🙂

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