So Far, So Bad

ALOHA, ALL!!  Here’s the latest from Carl:
What Do We Know So Far?

1. Benghazi was a direct effort to change the facts surrounding an attack by al Qaeda, making it look as an anti-American demonstration caused by a U-TUBE assembled by an Egyptian American. An attack that MAY have caught administration by surprise, but whose cover-up may have begun before the attack ended. The coverup of these facts continued for weeks, allowing the crime scene in Benghazi to go stale and the leaders to escape unmolested despite heavy losses. Of the four American lives lost, parents and loved ones attending their funeral were variously but directly lied to by Obama, Hillary, and VP Biden regarding the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

2. The IRS scandal is still developing (but widening by the hour). It appears to be a widely coordinated effort by or through the IRS to delay or intimidate groups (and now individuals) that advocated policies in opposition to present federal government initiatives. Evidence is now also emerging that the IRS may only have been just one agency targeting political opponents. Other agencies abusing their powers may have included: The Department of Agriculture, EPA, FCC, SEC, and others. If true, it would be the most widespread abuse of an administration and political party directed at another in history and far more chilling than previous instances (like Watergate) because of its breadth and scope and the possible willingness of federal bureaucrats to execute.

3. The AP scandal is sill developing. It involves the use of a secret subpoena by the Department of Justice used to record activity (calls made and received) of over 200 reporters. Attorney General Holder, a man of low repute and fixer of the Clinton pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, has recused himself from the investigation.

Here are latest links to Holders Hijinks:
Of these three scandals, the IRS abuses appear to be the most widespread and involving the highest number of people. That means the greatest potential for individuals to come forward seeking immunity, or with knowledge of criminal actions. It also strikes a chord for the so-called low information people. They may not understand a cover-up and treachery in a land far away. And most don’t understand issues around Freedom of the Press and Speech. But they understand the IRS coming after them or making life miserable, simply because the guy in power wants to destroy them politically.
Two Views of Obama May Be Valid in Different Ways, Neither Flattering
Obama The Vindictive?: Three Words – Joe The Plumber
Iconic Watergate Figure, John Dean Tells Obama: Come Clean, Get It All Out.
“He could be my son.”
Richard M. Nixon 1972
Kaneohe, HI
(Just Kidding – But Nixon WAS There)
RANGEL TO OBAMA: Come clean…(One of the Chickens Come Home to Roost)
Axelrod: Government ‘Too Vast’ For Obama to Control… (How Did We Know He Was a Tea Partier? – Better Get His Papers in Order)
MODIFIED LIMITED HANGOUT: Jay Carney walks back denial of White House involvement in IRS scandal. (Watergate-Speak: No Longer Operative)

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6 responses to “So Far, So Bad”

  1. ctlo34 says :

    Just saw Barry’s performance in regard to what Mark Levin calls La Cosa IRS. Note: It was not a Limited Modified Hangout. No questions! Trust him.

    Obama’s sincerity was so compelling. As compelling as when he and Hillary promised to get the makers of that video that caused the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three others. And we now know how true that was.

    • giliar says :

      I keep wondering in all this: Why the IRS thing now (it’s been known for quite some time but now comes to light.) Same with the AP thing. There’s something much more sinister that they are trying to hide. And if one tries to find the silver lining, how about rendering the IRS impotent so it can’t possibly enforce Obamacare?

  2. Tom says :

    Let me point out yet again that the American people saw what they were electing, and they elected it. Obama, Holder, etc., may hold guilt, but above all the guiltiest party here is the American people. THEY are the cause of the country’s problems. Impeach and remove Obama and company, that is fine. But don’t ignore the need to do something about those who acted to put them in power. THEY are the ones who need true restraining.

    • ctlo34 says :

      Tom: Excellent observation. Mark Levin also reminds us on his tonight that if we adopted a flat or fair tax the IRS could be eliminated. And Levin said elimination of that agency should be an immediate goal of all Americans. Especially before they grow in power with the reporting requirements of Obamacare.

    • mrethman says :

      Good points Tom, but how could many actually “see” whom and what they were electing? (By this I mean those who were not cheaply bought-off as members of Obama’s well-cultivated and ever-growing “takings coalition”?) Certainly not when it comes to the cheer leading mainstream media — aka the new Pravda of American collectivism. Certainly not in Ohio where Romney was successfully smeared as the offspring of Satan via 24/7/wall-to-wall TV ads — ads that started even well-before Romney was nominated.

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