Follow-Up: Obama’s Gangster Government



ALOHA, ALL!!  With the latest blockbuster news about the DOJ wiretapping the cloakroom of the House of Representatives, I’m truly wondering if anyone will go to jail due to these numerous scandals.  Frankly, I think all the responsibility (Benghazi, IRS, wiretapping) falls at the highest level in this administration.  Did Barack Obama himself give orders related to all these scandals?  Perhaps not, but he is the President….the Commander in Chief…the one ultimately responsible for what happens in his administration.  Did you know the “acting” chief the IRS – Steven Miller –  who resigned was only there temporarily and scheduled to leave in June anyhow?  So much for Barry’s big press conference announcing those responsible would be held accountable (and I would be willing to bet Steven Miller is headed for another cushy government job.)

So should take responsibility?  I saw Frank VanderSloot interviewed by Neil Cavuto the other day.  VanderSloot is a wealthy businessman who was targeted by the Obama campaign and harassed by the IRS prior to the election last year….because he donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign.  He was on Obama’s “Enemies List” of 8 individuals who were large Romney donors.  8 weeks after Obama released the list, VanderSloot was audited by the IRS…then the Department of Labor…then the IRS again.  He spent $80,000 defending himself.

Mr. VanderSloot thinks the responsibility rests squarely with Obama.  He says, ” When President Obama tacks this target on my back and makes this list of 8 people, who’s supposed to be paying attention?  Is it just the liberal press that’s supposed to come out and ruin our reputations…or are the federal agencies supposed to come after us?  I don’t think he (the President) called them up and said ‘go get em’ – he doesn’t have to…all he has to do is make the list.  I think it was egregious…it’s unfair for President Obama to nail the target up there and then say if people shoot at the target ‘I’m gonna go after them.’…He has to expect something is going to happen – he put the list up.”

Indeed.  All Obama has to do is make the list.  Or call his opponents ‘enemies.’  In typical gangsta style, his minions do his dirty work.

Here’s the full VanderSloot interview:

But if you’re a Friend of Barry, no problem!  The IRS  approved tax exempt status for Obama’s brother’s shady ‘charity’ in record time (Shaka to Scott)


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2 responses to “Follow-Up: Obama’s Gangster Government”

  1. ctlo34 says :

    Remember Obama’s attempt to stifle dissent and opposition to Obamacare? They even created an e-mail address to report dissenters. Hey, folks, the truth has been out there for some time. He’s been a tyrant. The media has just been asleep.

    • giliar says :

      The American people have been asleep, too. Why is it that there were some of us sounding the alarm about Obama from the very beginning? We read up and knew about him. Most of the American public was lazy and didn’t do their duty before voting.

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