More Monday Mania!!

ALOHA, ALL!!  Two HDRs in one day.  You’ll see why when you read below….(SHAKA AGAIN TO CARL – HE’S BEEN BUSY!!)

GOVERNMENT TAPS PRESS PHONE RECORDS FOR MONTHS (Maybe THIS will get their attention!  Look – a shiny object!)

Regarding Charges That US Media Has Incestuous Relationships With Obama Administration (Shaka to Scott) – Obama: “No Truth to That.”



Did Plouffe Justify IRS Targeting Conservative Groups?

FLASHBACK: Romney donor vilified by Obama campaign, then subjected to 2 audits

Agency accused of leaking confidential tax documents during election – BUT WERE THEY ALSO LEAKING?  (Harry Reid, Please Pick up White Courtesy Phone)

Probe Expands To Groups Opposed To Gov’t, Teaching Constitution

Scrutiny Deeper Than Thought

McConnell: ‘Just The Beginning’

Limited Modified Hangout (source: Watergate) – A limited hangout is a means of propaganda by exposing some minor details in order to prevent the full exposure of greater secrets:

Drudge: DID PRESS MAKE OBAMA CRY?  “People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook. I’ve earned everything I’ve got.”


Groucho Marx: “I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know”  Maybe he has blamed his opponents one time too many? Maybe he has spouted gibberish his last time without scrutiny? Serious people now see a possible end to our national nightmare.  (GILIA SAYS:  I HOPE SO, CARL!!!!)

The Fate of Basseley Nakoula (The Guy Hillary and Obama Promised the Islamic World Would Be Hunted Down and Arrested for Making a YouTube Video)

Finally, If You Are Not Outraged Enough Today: “They knew they were gonna die” – Parents of SEAL Team 6 member want answers in son’s death (WITH VIDEO – The Very Team That Took Out Osama bin Laden)



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3 responses to “More Monday Mania!!”

  1. Tom says :

    Rep Gohmert “Outraged” at Imam gloating over coffins of SEALTeam VI:

    • giliar says :

      Amen! I don’t even think our idiot “leaders” who arranged to have the imam there even knew what he said.

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