Happy Mothers Day, Hillary!


ALOHA, ALL!!!!  Carl has been very busy putting together the latest content:

Through The Fog:

Really important facts surrounding Benghazi that should not be lost in the news –

  • Names of two independent contractors unrelated to US embassy. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty
  • Military background of Woods and Doherty: Former US Navy SEALS
  • Weapons each had when they arrived at the scene: None
  • Immediate actions of Woods and Doherty: Suppresive fire using weapons abandoned by Libyan guards, Direct Engagement of terrorists with RPGs and other arms, Lasing Enemy Mortar Emplacements (in likely expectation of the arrival of US air support)
  • Enemy assault size: Two waves, totaling 100-200 attackers

Here are the CRUCIAL facts surrounding this engagement –

Established Facts:

  • Woods and Doherty killed 60 or more of the attacking force. Some accounts total 128.
  • The attackers upon counting bodies became incensed when they realized how much death and destruction these two brave Americans inflicted upon them. They were enraged.
  • Had an F-16 or other form of air or ground support been allowed to come to the aid of the compound it is highly probable Woods and Doherty could have held back the attackers. Instead, it appears someone at the highest levels of our nation’s government gave a direct order not to rescue the compound.
  • If the evidence shows these men and their comrades were abandoned by a direct order to stand down it will be hard for our nation not to demand a full accounting from the perpetrator of this heinous act.

Get some accounts of audio from these brave men during the attack and it will leave those excuse-makers with no alternative but to tell the truth.

Retrospective:  Hillary Fired From Original Watergate Probe

Exclusive – Hillary Clinton was Fired for Unethical Behavior as Watergate Investigator

Source: World Net Daily April 7, 2008

“Details of Hillary Clinton’s firing from the House Judiciary Committee staff for unethical behavior as she helped prepare articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon have been confirmed by the panel’s chief Republican counsel.

Franklin Polk backed up major claims by Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee who supervised Clinton’s work on the Watergate investigation in 1974, reported columnist Dan Calabrese in a column republished by WND.

Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, called Clinton a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”

(Continued – click hyperlink above)

And more:  Original Investigator Speaks

Hillary Clinton & John Doar brining impeachment charges against Richard Nixon in 194

Hillary Clinton & John Doar bringing impeachment charges against Richard Nixon in 194


And Happy Mothers Day to all the loving and dedicated mothers out there…the ones who aren’t pathological liars.


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5 responses to “Happy Mothers Day, Hillary!”

  1. ctlo34 says :

    We are also investigating some really low class antics of Obama at the airport arrival of caskets. In particular, Tweets Obama sent out to his followers as the Marine Guards were delivering the caskets.

  2. NEO says :

    My Lord, I hadn’t read that about their action. The Little Big Horn comes to mind. There’s little to say because their actions said all that can be said of a couple of very brave Americans, now lost, because of politics. May God grant them peace.

    Thank you, Gilia.

    • giliar says :

      Indeed, NEO. And Carl is the one who uncovered all this. These men were absolutely heroes! yet has Obama done anything to recognize what they did, other than attend a photo op when their bodies were returned to US soil? Oh yeah….and tell their parents that they would punish the guy who made the video? What incompetent, lying fools……

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