Jodi Arias and Hillary Clinton: Birds of a Feather


They both like to adjust their glasses. They both lie. They’re both guilty.


ALOHA, ALL!!  All you need to know about the Benghazi hearing can be summed up by the exchange below between Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams.  It’s obvious that Williams didn’t even see the testimonies from the whistle blowers – just like most of America probably didn’t.  If they were watching TV on Wednesday, it was with baited breath to see if Jodi Arias got away with murder (she didn’t.)  None of the major networks covered the Benghazi hearing live.  Fox News covered most of it.  So ask yourself:  will justice be done for those brave Americans who lost their lives in Libya?  Don’t hold your breath.  Unlike Jodi Arias, Hillary & Obama will get away with it.  Besides,Hillary’s a better liar than Jodi. (Shaka to Scott for the video link.)

And re-posted from HDR reader Carl:

7 Things We Learned From the Benghazi Whistle Blower Hearing:

The Republicans mishandled the Benghazi whistleblowers’ hearing. What should have been stretched across several days to give the nation time to digest it all, was instead packed into a single day filled with an overwhelming amount of information. The media’s attention span is not that long. The verdict in the Jodi Arias trial came along in the afternoon and blew Benghazi off the networks, most of which didn’t want to cover it at all. Even Fox joined the drive-by media, taking Benghazi off the air in favor of the irrelevant Arias trial. Following the announcement of the Arias verdict, charges were read in the Cleveland kidnapping case. Those were aired live as well, relegating Benghazi again.  Nevertheless, for those who slogged through the entire day of hearings and ignored local crime stories, new information was there to be learned.  Read more:  7 Things



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6 responses to “Jodi Arias and Hillary Clinton: Birds of a Feather”

  1. Carl says :

    Excellent observation! Not only is it true, but it attracts low-information-voters to actually make a comparison with that which they hunger for (Arias) and that which they know little of (Hillary’s treachery)

  2. NEO says :

    Williams is trying much too hard to get back in the good graces after his kerfluffle with NPR, he’s become downright despicable, not to mention a brainless parrot, substituting volume for a brain.

    It’s a valid comparison to me: Arias vs. Clinton, particularly since neither has taken responsibility for anything in their entire worthless life.

    I’m not sure the criticism of the committee is valid, though. Why do we think they would have had any more luck getting air time over several days if they couldn’t manage on one-with a story bigger than Watergate-although that, even with a villainized Republican took years to build. This could easily blow up in their faces at any time between now and the 2016 elections, or never. But I think Issa is at least trying to do the right thing, as hard as he can. All we can do is keep yelling as well.

    • giliar says :

      NEO – I think it’s another break of bad luck that the hearing happened on the same day as Jodi Arias’ verdict, along with all the craziness in Cleveland. Otherwise, it would have been a very slow news day with only the Benghazi hearing as a top story. It gave the lamestream media just another excuse to not focus on Benghazi. Of course, the committee couldn’t have predicted this would happen.

      • NEO says :

        Yep, none of this could have been predicted, it’s bad luck, pure and simple, and it sounds like they have more to comes as well.

  3. Tom says :

    Whereas conservative-types are generally just ignorant, liberals lie and deny with the ease in which most people drink a glass of water. However, Juan Williams takes denial and faked ignorance to a new high: “What? Lying about what YouTube video? What are you talking about?” (at about 6:38 point).

    • giliar says :

      They also stall, stall, stall until “that was so long ago” that “at this point, what difference does it make?”

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