It’s Bush’s Fault


First Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell led the Pledge of Allegiance at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Barack Obama was there – grudgingly.

ALOHA, ALL!!  Did you catch Obama at the opening of the George W Bush Presidential Center and Library last Thursday?  Both he and Michelle looked about as comfortable as rats caught in a sticky trap.  It was fun to watch the pained looks on their faces and to see that they obviously didn’t want to be there.  But no worries – I’m sure Barry was able to arrange a little fundraiser while he was there on our dime.   That horrible George Bush…he even make Obama raise money while we pay for his travel.  Just in case you missed it, here’s a great overview from the White House Dossier blog:

Obama’s Fitting Kowtow to Bush

President Obama had a slightly humiliating task last week – he had travel to the opening of the new library of a president he has reviled at every turn, but who is now, according to the polls, just as popular as he.

George W. Bush is making somewhat of a comeback, and it’s a good and just thing.

Bush was hardly a perfect president, but he’s disliked far too intensely and for the wrong reasons. Overall, he was a good president, and in some ways, a great one.

Let’s face it, who would have thought in September 2011 it would take more than a decade for the next successful mass terrorist attack on U.S. civilians to occur? Bush set up the national security apparatus we needed and took the actions necessary to keep us safe.

And let me ask you something. What would Saddam Hussein be doing right now were he left in power? The weapons inspectors would have departed long ago. His arch rival, Iran, with which he’d waged a terrible war, is developing nuclear weapons.

Does anybody think he’d be sitting on his rump without reviving his own program of mass destruction? Were Saddam still in power, we’d be dealing with two imminently nuclear psycho-states instead of one.

And while he didn’t do enough to stop it, Bush is hardly the cause of the financial meltdown. Our tragic economic state of affairs was precipitated by liberal housing policies that sought to put people in homes who couldn’t afford the payments.

Many of these policies began in earnest under Bill Clinton, the man Democrats point to as having reigned over a period of economic success. They celebrated him at their 2012 convention, and yet, there he was, among the leading causes of our problems.

After more than four years of economic failure, Americans are finally starting to understand in large numbers that Obama can’t blame everything on Bush. And at the very moment Bush’s popularity is returning, Obama had to travel to Dallas to pay him homage. A fitting moment.

Keith Koffler – Editor, White House Dossier


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