The Road To The Boston Bombings

Excellent post from Jessica at Nebraska Energy Observer! Simple point that our administration and the mainstream media can’t seem to understand: “So, imagine when you get to the USA and you get a chance and a taste of the American dream – but then you fail. Yes, that’s the problem with the American dream – you have to earn your good fortune. This they could not do. The elder brother couldn’t ’understand them’. No, he couldn’t understand freedom and personal responsibility; he’d been taught to see himself as a victim, and he came to see Islam as a way to hide from his own failures; and its extremists taught him to lash out in jihad.”



We’ve been looking at the history of the relationship between Islam and the West last week, and despite the attempts of the MSM to avoid it, there is a relationship between that history and the events in Boston.


Let’s set aside a while from the simple caricature which libruls foist on us. No one is saying that all Muslims are terrorists; it is just the fact that most terrorists seem to be Muslims which gives us the clue.  It is too complex for the MSM, and as they aren’t interested any way, they will misrepresent a complex connection. So, for them, and libruls everywhere, let us try to make it as simple as we can.


Where Christianity spread by conversion of the heart for more than 300 years before any State did anything but persecute it, Islam was from the beginning a religion of power. The armies…

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3 responses to “The Road To The Boston Bombings”

  1. mrethman says :

    Other than the “victim” word, this scenario was proposed by me almost immediately when it became clear that the older creep had achieved some success (as a boxer) and then had his hopes dashed. Such disappointments happen to nearly every young man in his life but most find a way to put it behind them one way or another — using the disappointment as a basis for better future decision-making and providing a context against which to measure subsequent successes (and failures). (In fact without failures, successes are hard to appreciate.) Militant Islam gives folks like these brothers another option, namely heroic Jihad. And in a society like ours that makes no-cost success into a nearly mythological entitlement (watch TMZ and see what I mean) the disappointments can be even greater, esp. if responsible parents and or surrogates aren’t there to provide a leveling context. IMHO, this is amplified further by a fundamental problem with Islam, namely that is that it’s way more than a religion, it’s a complete life style that suffers from having no “supreme leader,” say like some sort of Pope. Of course, other religions are life styles too; highly conservative Judism, Mormonism and others are in some ways similar — but these folks are much more tightly integrated into the secular West than is Islam.

  2. NEO says :

    Thanks, Gilia. I thought Jess did really well on this, as well.

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