Hump Day Report: Hillary’s Whereabouts Revealed!


ALOHA, ALL!!  For two weeks, not a sound, peep, cackle-laugh or even written statement from still serving Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Yet this isn’t considered odd?  She supposedly had a concussion (dubbed “The Immaculate Concussion” by Laura Ingraham) but no status reports or updates…for two weeks.  That must have been some doozy of a concussion.  Frankly, if she was so laid up because of this shouldn’t we be concerned about her  potential presidential ambitions?  Ask any doctor – he or she will tell you that a concussion this severe is, well, a coma.  But take heart!  Finally, it was announced today that Hillary would “return to work next week.”  OK.  Let’s see what her work schedule will really be like.  And look for the concussion to rear its head again (ha, ha) when it’s time for her to testify about Benghazi.  The story will be that she’s still suffering from its after-effects and isn’t it cruel that those nasty Republicans want to put her in front of Congress anyhow??  To answer demeaning and pointed questions??  How heartless!  Senate Republicans Refuse to Confirm Kerry Until Hillary Testifies  The Clinton saga of trickery continues…reminds me of that old soap opera “As the World Turns.”  New title:  “As the Clintons Deceive.”  Look for Hillary to have amnesia next.

Hillary Clinton Expected to Return to Work Next Week After spending Nearly Three Weeks Out Due to Concussion 

It’s all part of Clinton’s ‘cohesive strategy’ and it’s been used before:  The Fix Is In:  Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-up Like Vince Foster’s Death Investigation  “Cohesive strategy is a smoke and mirrors public relations trick where the White House tells Americans and investigators what they want them to know as opposed to what really happened, and how their scripted version becomes the so-called truth, the ‘talking points,’ the narrative picked up by the media.”

How sweet......

How sweet……

In Other News:

No New Offer From Obama at White House ‘Cliff’ Meeting‘  “President Obama and congressional leaders met for more than an hour Friday to try to reach a breakthrough on a fiscal deal. A source familiar with the meeting said Obama would not offer leaders a new offer, but would push them to allow an up-or-down vote on legislation to prevent looming tax hikes and spending cuts set for January.”  A WHOLE HOUR?????  THEY MUST BE EXHAUSTED.

Obama Orders Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers   (Shaka to Brett) “President Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.”

White House Petition to Deport Piers Morgan Tops 80,000 Signatures  “For those of you who don’t know who Piers Morgan is, he is an anchor for CNN (now you know why you haven’t heard of him), he is also a rabid anti-gun, half wit brit who has used his soapbox lately to disparage our gun laws.”  And the latest Gallup poll:  Opposition to Handgun Ban Hits All-Time High  Ban opposed, 74/24.  Poor Piers – Britain doesn’t want him, either!  Piers, this is for you (Shaka to Lee)  AWuse1 copyChicago Hits 500 Homicides  “Here’s your gun control failure of the year. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Bradys were unavailable for comment.”

RIP to another American hero:  ‘Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf Dies  “Along with two combat tours in Vietnam, Schwarzkopf also coordinated American landing forces in the invasion of Grenada in 1983, prior to Operation Desert Storm.”


Happy New Year, HDR Readers – we’ve got our work cut out for us.


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3 responses to “Hump Day Report: Hillary’s Whereabouts Revealed!”

  1. realpolitiknewsandviews says :

    Maybe she’ll use the concussion as an excuse at a Presidential debate four years from now!

  2. Tom says :

    More about the Korean shopkeepers here:

    As the Gallup poll in the article you linked to indicates, the guns themselves will be less the issue than the hi-capacity magazines. The Heller decision by the Supreme Court protects weapons “in common use,” and Walmart sells AR15s. That practically defines “common use”!

    On the magazine issue, I can see some on the other side willing to negotiate numbers. In New Jersey’s ban, the number is 15. In Maryland’s ban, it was 20, at least originally. If the other side will deal on that, upping the limit from 10 to at least 15 would greatly reduce the impact on pistols (which “commonly” use 15-round mags), and have the symbolic point of equaling the original mags for the semi-auto M1 carbine, as well as being the standard capacity for the current standard U.S. military sidearm. Upping it to 20 would cover the most common mags for .308 “assault weapons” (current legal term), as well as have the symbolic value of matching the original M14 and M16 mags.

    So, there is reason to be confident, a call to be vigilant, and a need to be realistic.

    • giliar says :

      Thanks for the link, Tom! I agree about being confident, vigilant and realistic. But I don’t trust Obama, Biden or Feinstein….they will try to enact more gun laws any way they can.

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