Hump Day Report: Still Serving

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ALOHA, ALL!!  Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Here in California (Orange County) I was impressed to see some flags flying at half-staff.  I’m assuming they were in honor of the brave people who died 71 years ago today.  I also received this video from HDR reader Bob about some individuals who were survivors on that day, but chose to continue to serve after their deaths.  This is interesting – God Bless them and God bless all our fighting men and women!

For some excellent historical perspective, be sure to check out my blogging friend Nebraska Energy Observer’s post for today:  Pearl Harbor Day



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5 responses to “Hump Day Report: Still Serving”

  1. NEO says :

    Couldn’t agree more with you, Tom. A terrible disaster which we did nothing to deserve except stand for freedom, and not too many of us have forgotten 911 either, at least here in flyover country.

    Thanks, Gilia, very good post.

  2. Tom says :

    2. People remember Pearl Harbor, but forget 9/11. Modern Americans are the biggest danger to America.

    Don’t you just love democracy?

  3. Tom says :

    1. A friend on Facebook is posting a lot about Pearl Harbor today. Yet he’s a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul and his supporters believe that Pearl Harbor was deserved “blowback” for the U.S. siding with China against Japan in Japan’s aggression toward it. We wouldn’t sell oil and other materials to Japan, so they attacked us, and it’s our fault. That friend needs to think through his ideology better.

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