Hump Day Report: Incompetent Nincompoops


ALOHA, ALL!!  I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve been on the road again.  Seems like life gets in the way of blogging sometimes.  One of my trips involved a visit to New York City – a great place to be during Thanksgiving and the lead-in to Christmas.  I enjoyed my share of shopping, (mostly window shopping) eating and sightseeing.  A great escape.  But it was in the car ride to Newark airport, returning home, when I was brought back to reality.  The driver was originally from Belarus.  Since hubby was a Russian history major, he enjoyed chatting with Gregory.  Gregory has been in the US for over 20 years.  His perspectives on the recent election were interesting and insightful.  Gregory mentioned several times that the Republican party was run by “incompetent nincompoops” for letting the Democrats frame who they are.  He thought Obama’s re-election was a “given” judging by how the GOP handled their messaging to the electorate.  Interesting indeed, coming from an individual who has experienced one-sided messaging in an oppressive society.  While hubby and I didn’t agree with Gregory on everything, we found a lot of common ground.  Mainly, that the GOP needs to wake up and start creating their own narrative.  We’ll see how things spin out with the “fiscal cliff” situation.  Who will do a better job of messaging to the masses?

Another Interesting Russian Perspective:  Obama’s Soviet Mistake  “Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.”

Obama’s Still Campaigning:  Obama Hits The Road To Rally Support For His Tax Plan  “I’ve been keeping my own naughty and nice list for Washington,” he told workers and others gathered at a plant that makes K’NEX toys. If Republicans hold middle-class tax cuts hostage to preserve them for the rich, he said, then everyone could end up paying more next year. “That’s sort of like the lump of coal you get for Christmas. That’s a Scrooge Christmas.”  I repeat:  who will do a better job of messaging to the masses?


“Hey Barry – do you see that big hazard ahead?”

Obama’s Still Golfing:  As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Obama Returns To Golf Course with Bill Clinton  “Obama and Clinton last golfed together in September 2011 before the election. As Ryan Lizza reported earlier this year, the golf game symbolized the beginning of Obama’s special relationship with the former president.”

Why Can’t They Just Do This?  Six Fixes To America’s Fiscal Crisis  “Elected officials in Washington keep enacting short-term patches to keep the government running, which is not a real solution. We need to reform the programs that are causing the runaway spending and deficits today and in the years to come—the large, lumbering entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

LOL – check out liar *OOPS* I mean candidate Obama in 2008

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:  House GOP Makes $2.2 Trillion Debt Counteroffer To Obama  “House Republican leaders have made a counteroffer to President Obama in the fiscal cliff negotiations, proposing to cut $2.2 trillion with a combination of spending cuts, entitlement reforms and $800 billion in new tax revenue.”

Other News:

Alanis Morrisette To Play Israeli Concert Despite Protests  “Singer Alanis Morissette will grace an Israeli concert stage tonight, a simple act which artists like Stevie Wonder have turned down in recent weeks for political reasons.”

Obama Slaps States That Don’t Comply with Obamacare  “Residents of states that refuse to set up health insurance exchanges under Obamacare are set to be hit with higher premiums under new rules announced by the Health and Human Services Department.”

Gitmo North Returns:  Obama’s Shady Prison Deal  “If you thought President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had given up on closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing jihadists to American soil, think again. Two troubling developments on the Gitmo front should have every American on edge.”

Residents Alerted To Obama’s Hawaiian Holiday Plans  “While many residents welcome the First Family, others are disheartened by the restrictions put on air, water and road travel while the President and family are in town, especially because it is the holiday season and many families on vacation want to use their boats or surf and paddle in the welcoming ocean waves fronting the Kailua homes. In addition, the President’s caravan of at least 22 vehicles including an ambulance can easily overwhelm the community that typically has single lane streets. Adding to the controversy surrounding the President’s visit is the cost of the trip.”  Oh.  Joy.ObamaJam

And because we all could use a laugh…“PJTV – your antidote to the obsolete media” 


(To my faithful readers – thanks for your support!  I won’t be blogging as often during the Holiday season.  I still need to finish that book!!  But rest assured I’ll be back in full force in 2013.  And yes…the snow is back!  So those white dots you see on your screen are supposed to be there.)


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12 responses to “Hump Day Report: Incompetent Nincompoops”

  1. ctlo34 says :

    Jill: Did you get to Radio City Music Hall. Their Christmas show is great! Carl

  2. neenergyobserver says :

    Well, speaking of traveling, my partner just got back from visiting his fiance in the Philippines, I think I’m going to post about it but the short form is: It looks like America in the fifties with about 8% growth, friendly people, and the people living on the street kept asking him, “Why did you reelect that fool Obama, who isn’t even a real American?”

    Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

  3. Tom says :

    Most of you didn’t hear about a federal office in Arizona being bombed by an Iraqi. That’s because the media won’t report much about it. The Left (Lamestream) covered it up and the Right (Fox and PJ) was too focused on their tax cuts. I will say that the Daily Kos did report about it, but insisted on attributing it to the Right Wing and the Tea Party.

    Thought you’d want to know.

    “UPDATED (8:25p EDT): I just spoke again with my contact in the FBI Phoenix field office (who is not authorized to speak on behalf of the FBI office). This contact said that it is highly unlikely that Aldosary will be charged with any terrorism offense. While they are internally treating it like a domestic terrorism investigation, including looking at if he had any help constructing the explosive device, the FBI is saying very little and will prosecute this as a simple explosives and arson case because of ‘the political sensitivities involved.’”

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