Hump Day Report: “We All Know That Crap Is King”

ALOHA, ALL!!  Turn on the mainstream media’s evening news.  Any coverage of the Benghazi cover-up scandal?  Check the front page of your local newspaper.  Is it on the front page?  So let’s see….what about the General Petraeus sex scandal?  It’s everywhere.  When the news about Petraeus’ indiscretions hit, many of my friends on Facebook were claiming that now the media would be “forced” to report on the Benghazi attacks and subsequent scandal – what Obama knew, when he knew it and much more.  I thought:  not so much.  Instead, the media (except for Fox News) chose to highlight the salacious details about Petraeus’ affair.  That’s front-page news.  And it’s no wonder, this is a country that idolizes Snookie and can’t wait to see what the “Real” Housewives kvetch about each week.  Journalism in this country is not only dead, the media are committing malpractice.  Only we can’t sue them.

But I do believe in karma! Today Show Staff Fear For Their Jobs  “Following NBC’s announcement layoffs are being made in the entertainment division, those who hoped Matt Lauer would do a Jay Leno and take a pay cut should prepare to be disappointed, according to reports.  It was revealed today that the Today co-host – who earns $30 million a year for his role – will not be saving jobs at the morning show by offering to take slash his salary – despite Matt being one of the reasons the show is in trouble.  A number of employees were handed their pink slips on Monday at the same time it was announced 500 employees, or 1.5 per cent of its work force, will be cut.”

Forgive me, but I have a bad case of schadenfreude right now!

And what will the General say?  We may never know, since his testimony will be behind closed doors.  Top National Security Official Testify To Congress – Mostly In Private   “Leading administration officials, meanwhile, met privately with lawmakers for a third straight day to explain how the Petraeus investigation was handled and explore its national security implications. Among those appearing before the House Intelligence Committee: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Acting CIA Director Michael Morell.”  UPDATE:  Petraeus To Testify That He Knew ‘Almost Immediately’ Benghazi Was Work Of Terrorists  “In his closed door meeting on the Hill, “[Petraeus] will also say he had his own talking points separate from U.N. ambassador Susan Rice. [Hers] came from somewhere other in the administration than his direct talking points,” Barbara Starr of CNN reports, referencing a source close to Petraeus.”

Of course, Barry held his first press conference in 8 months the other day.  That is, if you think behaving with bravado and hubris constitutes a press conference.  Here’s a perch description of what happened (Shaka to Biz):   Mr Obama’s Latest Temper Tantrum  “President Valerie Jarrett sent out her spokesperson Barack Obama to take questions from the media. It was Mr. Obama’s first real press conference in eight months. As with previous press conferences, questions requiring a “yes” or “no” answer would be given lengthy explanations to reduce the number of questions asked. Whether the topic was Benghazi or the looming fiscal cliff, President Jarrett instructed Mr. Obama to answer all questions with “invest in education” or “green energy.”

No more Twinkies.  18,500 Jobs Disappear As Hostess Closes Down  “This morning Hostess announced it was closing down. The union rejected a proposed 8 percent wage cut, and the end result is a 100 percent wage cut for over 18,000 workers.”  I’m sure this makes Michelle Obama very happy.  Not sure how the rest of us will cope with the next 4 years, though.

I think it’s time for a little “Dirty Laundry”...



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  1. neenergyobserver says :

    “Mr Obama’s Latest Temper Tantrum “President Valerie Jarrett sent out her spokesperson Barack Obama to take questions from the media”

    Classic, and true as well, God help us.

  2. The MAD Jewess says :

    Good write up—EXCELLENT

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