Hump Day Report: The Final Countdown

HDR reader Scott took this at a Romney rally in Ohio, where crowds have been HUGE! Click on the image to see his other photos.

ALOHA, ALL!!  I’m sticking to my prediction of a Romney landslide.  Others agree:

89% Chance For Romney To Win As White House 2012 Predicts Him To Get 305 Electoral Votes  “At the moment, most polls are using some variant of the 2008 election turnout as its model for weighting the responses they receive regarding the 2012 election. This is causing the Democratic vote in 2012 to be overstated.”

Michael Barone Calls It For Romney  (Shaka to Carl):  “The bottom line, it seems to me, is that every poll shows Romney winning independents by a substantial margin. I don’t see how he can win independents, in a year when Republican enthusiasm is vastly greater than Democratic, and still lose the election. There just aren’t that many Democrats.”

Eleven Newspapers Switch To Romney, Just One To Obama  “According to the University of California, Santa Barbara American Presidency Project study of the top 100 newspaper editorial endorsements, Mitt Romney has seen a vast wave of switches from 2008 Obama endorsers. Obama, meanwhile, has seen only one newspaper that endorsed John McCain come around to endorse him. At the same time, many newspapers have also switched from Obama to “no endorsement.”

Washington Redskins Loss Predicts Romney Victory  (Shaka to Scott)”If the “Redskins Rule” holds up Tuesday, the Republican presidential nominee will become the country’s 45th president.”

Another great Branco cartoon! Click the image to see more.

Send this to all Obama voters. (Shaka to Scott)  

Chuck Woolery Keeps It Simple:  

Check this out!  30,000 Rally For Romney…In Pennsylvania!  An enormous rally for Mitt Romney in Bucks County, PA had people incredulous and tweeting like fury:

@robertcostaNRO my mother is at the Bucks County Romney rally. Says she has never seen a crowd like this. Dwarfs the Bush ’04 rally crowd at the same farm.

@robertcostaNRO “The rally doesn’t even start for hours, but it feels like a Republican Woodstock.” — my mom, calling from Yardley, PA, a swing area.

Perspective (Shaka to Carl):  

Final Thought:  How about a little poetic justice?  The Dixie Chicks singing “Landslide.”  

Or, if you prefer…The Final Countdown!  



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  1. neenergyobserver says :

    All over, ten minutes after the Cali polls close. Stick a fork in him, it’s one and done. Good work, conservatives. Don’t forget the Senate, we need Reid gone, to make the government work.

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