Hump Day Report: “You Watched Them Die, Mr President”

ALOHA, ALL!!  By now, you’ve heard tons of reporting about the Benghazi attacks.  Well, not from the so-called mainstream media.  But if you watch Fox News you’ve heard about it.  (Rhetorical question:  if this had happened under George Bush, do you think it would be plastered at the top of the evening news every night??)  So let’s break this down in a simple way that you can share with others.  Watch these videos.  Watch and decide if Obama is culpable.  Watch and decide if this is treason.   Or manslaughter.  Watch and decide if Obama should be impeached.

In this interview with a Denver reporter, listen to how Obama evades the question (not once, but twice) about if those under attack were denied help:

Watch this Glenn Beck interview with Charles Woods, father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed in the attack: 

Now watch this, with Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin’s explanation: 

“Obama received three emails that went directly to the White House Situation Room identifying the incident as a terrorist attack in progress.

Obama watched live drone footage of the attack.

Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, the former SEALS in the CIA safe house a mile away, begged headquarters to let them help Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans when no help was dispatched. They were told to “stand down” several times. They finally disobeyed this order, doing what Americans do best—risking their lives to protect and serve. And they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Who gave the order to “stand down”? Who gave the order not to send help?

CIA director David Petraeus said, on the same day Obama refused to say whether help was denied, that he didn’t give the order.

That leaves one person: Barack Hussein Obama.

You watched them die, Mr. President!”  (Source:  The Western Center For Journalism)

Final Thought (Shaka to Carl):  Obamacide: Death of American troops in urgent need of assistance, which would be politically inexpedient if provided.



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6 responses to “Hump Day Report: “You Watched Them Die, Mr President””

  1. Scott Terna says :

    SHIT where can I hear what Clinton said? UGH!

  2. mrethman says :

    High crimes and misdemeanors…

  3. Tom says :

    Does anyone remember these two brave men?

    • giliar says :

      Brave men, brave defenders of freedom. We need a President who appreciates what they did and their fellow military members. Thanks for posting

  4. neenergyobserver says :

    The worst part (other than it appears to have happened like this ) is that if he had sent in an improvised rescue force, and it worked, it might have won the election for him and even if it failed, even badly and bloodily, it would have helped more than this catastrophic mess he’s made.

    Still I don’t see impeachment in his future (unless he somehow wins). Where would we ever find an untainted jury after that circus! If he wins, he’ll be impeached (I think) before he’s inaugurated, and Biden if he’s not real careful, not long after. Hello President Boehner, not ideal but better.

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