Hump Day Report: “Does Obamacare Include A$$ Kicking?”

ALOHA, ALL!!!  I borrowed the title of this HDR from Dennis Miller.  He tweeted it out shortly after the end of last night’s debate.  Says it all, doesn’t it?  More debate aftermath – first from Dick Morris:

Romney Wins!  “Romney’s aides and surrogates sprinted into the spin room to offer effusive assessments of their candidate’s performance, and Fox News contributor Juan Williams was caroling “Massacre! Massacre!” to himself as he bounded out of the men’s restroom. Obama’s team didn’t meet the press for a full 10 minutes — and one top Democrat, asked to say the best thing about the president’s performance, said Obama has been “just working to maintain cool and be reassuring” in an email to POLITICO.” LOL!!

Powerline Blog – It’s Over  “I’ve been watching presidential debates for quite a few years, but I have never seen one like this. It wasn’t a TKO, it was a knockout.”

From one of my favorite blogs, Nebraska Energy Observer:  Debate Roundup  “Part of the reason that Obama looked so bad last night is something we’ve talked about before, he’s an ‘affirmative action‘ hire. He’s never had to perform to the standards that the rest of us have, and last night he ran into a man who has objectively excelled.”

Another great blog, White House 2012:  Al Gore And Friends Blame Obama’s Poor Debate Performance On The Altitude  “After spending more than 4 years blaming everything on George Bush, the left, under the leadership of liberal icon Al Gore has now turned to a new scapegoat…. the altitude.”

And just for fun….from one my fellow blogger girls at Misfit Politics 🙂  Independence Day:  Obama Boogaloo 

If you somehow missed the debate last night, here’s all you need to see:  



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5 responses to “Hump Day Report: “Does Obamacare Include A$$ Kicking?””

  1. Tom says :

    Neo and I often clash on here. In this case, the quote from him you use is exactly right. “‘Affirmative Action hire'”. Unfortunately, the R-R campaign can’t use that piece of truth because it’s “racist,” and too many conservatives hold too much White Liberal Guilt.

    • Brett says :

      This debate finally proved what our fellow conservatives have been trumpeting all a long….Obama is a phoney. Now we know why they’ve never released his college transcripts!!!!

  2. neenergyobserver says :

    You can always count on Miller for a good summary! God Roundup Giliar and thank for the quote.

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