Hump Day Report: The Math Test

ALOHA, ALL! Hubby just wrote up a great analysis of last night’s Sixty Minutes interviews of Obama and Romney. Food for thought:

If my math is off, tell me. I’m not that quick when it comes to exponential notation any more.

President Obama on Sixty Minutes on Sunday made a point of noting that what seems to be a never-ending recession was deeper than expected and had eventually cost 9M jobs. He then went on to brag to CBS correspondent Steve Croft that Obama “has” created 4.5 million jobs.” Obama also admits that we need more, (Gosh, really…?) I don’t even know if Obama’s numbers are accurate, but for sake of discussion, let’s stipulate that they are.

So, let’s see: President Obama got well over a trillion dollars in various stimulus monies; the infamous $787 billion stimulus bill plus a bunch more during a rare lame-duck Congressional session in late 2010. So, just to reveal for us some idea of what that trillion plus of Chinese-lent money got for the U.S.:
1) a trillion more dollars of U.S. debt, helping drive the dollar down, oil up, food up, etc. up….
2) Obama’s 4.5 million jobs, (plus seemingly perpetual 8+% unemployment, massive underemployment, food stamps and the like through the roof, etc.)

But if we divide the trillion ($1,000,000,000,000 or so in stimulus monies by the 4,500,000 jobs Obama claims he’s created we get: $222,222 per job. Recall for a moment that the median household income in the U.S. is $52,000. So if each job cost almost a quarter-million dollars of additional debt, where did all this money go in less than four years? And how good can the jobs Obama likes to claim he created actually BE if these jobs cost more than they pay?

CBS’s Steve Croft should have asked Obama these questions but did not. Wonder why?

Sixty Minutes tonight and the first presidential debate on Wednesday are crucial for Romney. Tonight viewers could see Romney is not the ogre Obama and his cronies in the main stream media have sought to create… Romney was serious but appropriately glib and on his game. He also showed that he has a cogent vision of where he wants to lead the nation. This is all he really needs to achieve on Wednesday and he will win — provided good people like you keep sending in needed contributions. (Sidebar: CBS’s Scott Pelly kept pestering Romney for negotiating details regarding his plan to shrink government and grow the economy — as if revealing key details prior to negotiations with Congress is some sort of reasonable expectation in doing business. For example does Scott Pelly reveal the most he’ll pay for a new car immediately after first shaking hands with a salesman?)

Tonight Obama was as joe-cool as anyone could be whose in what need to be the final months of a failed presidency. To be fair, we have had nearly four years of cool — but cool just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done. Or am I missing something?



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5 responses to “Hump Day Report: The Math Test”

  1. David says :

    I wrote some time back that there was no reason for Romney to ‘give up’ his ideas or proposals for policy changes until the debates begin. His “47%” comments are not only damaging, but are true.

    I also wrote that I believed that Romney’s campaign may be the best planned in recent history. The problem is that all network news agenices, including Fox are starving for information to ‘analyze’ and regurgitate (sp).

    “Cool” is the critical word in this article. Yes the math is plain, but I stand by my assumption that Romney is keeping his powder dry for the time when it can do the most good. Imagine the impact of a well armed stranger.

    • giliar says :

      David – you may very well be right. Let’s hope so. But I have to say that after spending the past 3 weeks in Ohio, the negative ads against Romney are paying off. It shouldn’t even be a contest there but Obama is either leading or tied with Romney. Where are all the Super PAC ads of Obama in his own words????? These would be highly effective but I heard NONE!

  2. neenergyobserver says :

    You’re missing nothing, and your math is pretty good, too.

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