Hump Day Report: Hurricane Ann Hits Tampa

ALOHA, ALL!!  No need to chit chat, let’s get down to it.

‘We Built It’ Resounds at First Night of RNC  “While the GOP convention projected for the most part a positive vibe, leftist pundits from MSNBC took aim at the participants. Ed Schultz said that Chris Christie appeared “angry” during his speech. Chris Matthews compared Christie to a “loudmouth Irishman from New York” and described Mitt Romney’s demeanor as “bizarre.” Rachel Maddow insinuated that Rick Santorum was racist, and Matthews said that Santorum’s talk of “welfare and food stamps” is racist code….All of these attacks came off as petty and immature and took nothing away from the optimistic atmosphere at the convention. If anything, they helped the Republican cause.”

Ann Romney’s speech – knocks it out of the park, throwing strong like a girl!!!!:    Dick Morris thinks the speech is worth 3-4 point in the polls and is the best of its genre – ever! 

Looking ahead to Paul Ryan’s speech:  ‘After 4 Years of Runaround US Needs Turnaround’  “In an address that his advisers say will be heavy on optimism, Ryan will present the nation’s challenge as a choice between an Obama administration that has avoided hard choices and a Romney ticket that will meet them head on.”

Platform’s Sharp Turn To Right Has Conservatives Cheering  “Subtitled “We Believe in America,” the platform keeps its focus on the party’s traditional support for low taxes, national security and social conservatism. And it delves into a number of politically charged issues.”

Switchers – Once they Supported Obama But Now They Support Romney  “Now four years later, these people know that those hopes were false and that the promises offered by President Obama have been broken. Today, these disappointed Democrats are enthusiastic Republicans who hold out more hope for the promised changes for fiscal responsibility offered by the Romney-Ryan ticket.”

MSNBC shows its bias once again.  Cuts All Speeches Given By A Minority At GOP Convention  “MSNBC wants you to think the Republican Party hates minorities. So much so that the liberal news network cut minority speeches from it’s convention coverage.”

Hey ‘2016’ – you know you’ve made it whenAP Protects Obama While Attacking Conservative Film  “…Fouhy completely ignores the part of the film that features an interview with Professor Paul Kengor, an accomplished author who discusses Obama’s mentor in Hawaii, Communist Party member and writer Frank Marshall Davis. This is the relationship that the media continue to regard as taboo. The failure to talk truthfully about Davis, identified merely as “Frank” in Obama’s memoir, constitutes one of the most important and insidious cover-ups in presidential history.”

Final Thought:  “Mitt was not handed success, he built it.”  Ann Romney, GOP convention speech, August 28, 2012

Thoughts and prayers are will all of those in the path of Hurricane Isaac.  You can help by going here:  American Red Cross   


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