Hump Day Report: A Tale Of Two Cities

ALOHA, ALL!!  It’s convention time and it looks like this year will truly delineate the differences between the two parties in so many ways.  First City:  The Republican National Convention opens Monday in Tampa.  With all the talk of  a potential hurricane disrupting the proceedings, I predict the convention will go on as planned and be a huge success.  In fact, rainstorms and less-than-ideal weather bode well for the GOP – it will keep the crazies away.  The Code Pink idiots, Occupy dolts, anarchists and bums won’t want to protest in a driving rainstorm.  Instead, the country will see a unified party with a coherent, positive message for the future.  And Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates who will have voters saying “Yes we will!”

Second City:  The Democrat National Convention opens in Charlotte on September 4.  I think they are secretly hoping for a hurricane!  Their convention has already been plagued with lack of funds, causing them to cut back a day and to move to a smaller venue.  The Dems are touting a line-up of “prominent women” (like Sandra Fluke – seriously?) and are welcoming Islamists with open arms.  Prediction:  anarchists will abound at this commie-fest and voters will be saying “No we won’t!”

Romney Nomination Moved To Monday  “For the moment, it looks like the Republican Party has nothing to fear over Tropical Storm Isaac — but they’re taking no chances. Instead of waiting until the third day of the convention to formally nominate Mitt Romney for President as would be customary, the roll call will take place on Monday.”

Convention, Not Re-Runs!  “It’s official. Neither NBC, ABC, nor CBS is planning to air any coverage of the Republican National Convention opening night on Monday, when Ann Romney will be speaking. Instead?  As Politico noted, ABC and CBS are airing reruns, of  “Castle” and “Hawaii Five-0” respectively.”

Ann Romney Speech May Not Make It Into Network TV Coverage  “POLITICO’s Dylan Byers reported today that ABC, CBS, and NBC have said their Monday night primetime schedule doesn’t include convention coverage. So, “in order to get Mitt’s wife onto television, the campaign may have to scramble and reschedule her speech.”

Biden’s Tampa Visit Strains RNC Security  “It does complicate things. Certainly, it’s not the best day for us because we are trying to do a good job for the people that are going to be down in Tampa for this other event so they are all safe,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee.”  (Good video – fair and balanced!)

Obama Convention Closes Cancer Center  “Democrats are arranging transportation for those who wish to view Obama’s speech. It is unclear if Democrats will also arrange transportation for the displaced cancer patients receiving critical treatments for their life-threatening conditions.”

Radical Islam Joins The DNC  “Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam. 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political.”

Democrat Convention To Feature Prominent Women Speakers  “Collectively, the list of speakers — who join the previously announced speaker, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — represents a clear effort by the Obama campaign to drive home the point that one party is tolerant of women’s issues while the other is blind to them.”  Really????  A desperate housewife and a sexually-active law student will do this?

Will The Dem Convention Be Abortion-Palooza?  “Agenda changes show that Democrats will make Akin the poster boy of the GOP and focus the three-day affair on abortion and contraception policy…”  That should get a lot of viewers – NOT!

In Other News:

As a Buckeye, I can’t get enough of this story!  ‘O-I-H-O’:  Obama’s Dan Quayle Moment  “The photo was not flipped or Photoshopped despite what some MSM lapdogs may want us to believe.”  

Pretty good representation of this, don’t ya think????  

Bring it on!  Arizona, Nebraska Take Stand Against Obama’s Amnesty  “The state of Nebraska is following the lead of the state of Arizona in announcing that, in the Cornhusker State, illegal aliens that qualify for deferred action under President Obama’s recent administrative amnesty will not qualify for in-state tuition, welfare benefits, or a driver’s license.”  And:  ICE Agents File Suit Against Napolitano Over Amnesty Program  “Ten federal immigration agents have filed suit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claiming recent directives are forcing them to break the law and ignore their duties when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants.”  YES!!!!

Bubba in the spotlight.  Mark Levin:  Bill Clinton Has The Real Rape Problem  “Levin calls on Barack Obama to yank Bill Clinton as keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.”  And:  McCaskill On Clinton In 2006:  ‘I Don’t Want My Daughter Near Him.”   

Surprise, surprise.  ‘Independent’ Watchdog On Energy Loans Turns Into Big Obama Donor   “Well, well, well … what a coinky-dink. The man who got picked to review more than $23 billion in Department of Energy loans and gave them a clean bill of health — without reviewing loans to already-defunct Solyndra and Beacon Power — waited a whole two weeks to start donating to Barack Obama’s re-election effort.”

LOVE this!  

Final Thought:  “After four years at the United Nations I sometimes yearn for the peace and tranquillity of a political convention.”  Adlai E Stevenson


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22 responses to “Hump Day Report: A Tale Of Two Cities”

  1. David says :


    I came out with my prediction on Tuesday, and we put it out today. It is based on pure stats and likely campaign moves, minus how ‘nasty’ it gets. There is no equation for bad manners and the voting public as a whole hates them.

    The last 4 factors to serve as evidence for your ‘landslide’ are:
    1- The GOP is spending money in CA and NY, spreading Obama’s money out and crippling his ability to spend in swing states like VA.
    2- Obama has committed on 2 things he cannot deny, gay marriage and the debt. Debate pokes in the eye.
    3- Obama’s numbers and Romney’s numbers are on the same curve down and up respectively. No jolts, no flat spots, nothing but momentum!
    4- Immelt and the Wall Streeters are bailing on Obama. It wouldn’t surprise me if several Senators are next. No cash = no flash = no friends!

    Romney wins 53 to 47 popular vote, bigger in the Electoral, almost 300.
    We get 54 Conservative Senators.

    I’ll refine this en route if need be, but the stats say it’s median to the current GNP, tax rate, GDP growth, durable goods, farm production, home sales, bulk bank loans, oil price vs. domestic oil production, etc., etc., etc. numbers.

    Just keep Akin away from a microphone and get the ICE boys to postpone their law suit.


    • giliar says :

      Great analysis, David!!!! A couple more things: 1) Talk up the movie “2012 – Obama’s America” as much as you can and get people to see it. If it reaches critical mass Obama is toast. 2) Pray that Israel doesn’t attack Iran until after the election. This is a huge wild card that could go either way (help or hurt Obama.) If Bibi wants to wipe Imanutjob off the face of the earth on November 7, then have at it!!!

      • giliar says :

        Just realized (thanks to an HDR reader) that it should be “2016 – Obama’s America.” I guess I already feel like he’s changed us so drastically – Freudian slip!!!

      • Tom says :

        As with the ICE lawsuit, policy over politics in security matters. If Iran must be nuked pre-election, then it must be nuked pre-election, be it by us, the Israelis, or some suicidal mullah who thinks that will trigger the 12th Imam.

    • Tom says :

      Yes on shutting up Akin. No on delaying ICE lawsuit. Policy must take precedent over politics on security issues like the latter. (If it was an Obamacare lawsuit, it would be a different matter entirely.)

      • giliar says :

        Ha Ha!! Love this: “Across the paper’s many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism — for lack of a better term — that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” And it’s bleeding readers as a result.

  2. mrethman says :

    Obama: “Let them eat potatoes…”

  3. Tom says :

    “Neither NBC, ABC, nor CBS is planning to air any coverage of the Republican National Convention opening night on Monday, when Ann Romney will be speaking.”

    So, how’s that “freedom of the press” thing workin’ for ya, America?

    • giliar says :

      The lame excuse from the lamestream media was “people are tired of politics.” HMMMM – I wonder if they’ll skip the first day of the Democrat libfest for the same reason?

      • Tom says :

        And what can be done about it if they don’t?

        INTERVIEW WITH WALTER CRONKITE (Please don’t pull an Akin here–keep the facts straight and don’t evaluate accuracy based on the ideology of the source [Akin believed what he did because it came from a “Christian” source):

        “…As far as the leftist thing is concerned, that I think is something that comes from the nature of a journalist’s work. Most newsmen have spent some time covering the seamier side of human endeavor; they cover police stations and courts and the infighting in politics. And I think they come to feel very little allegiance to the established order. I think they’re inclined to side with humanity rather than with authority and institutions. And this sort of pushes them to the left. But I don’t think there are many who are far left. I think a little left of center probably is correct.”–Walter Cronkite.

        So again I ask conservatives and patriots, how’s that “freedom of the press” thing workin’ for ya?

  4. JessicaHof says :

    Sounds as though it could get interesting – are there any Chick-Fil As in Charlotte to help the poor cash-strapped Dumbocrats?

  5. neenergyobserver says :

    I also note, as a proud Nebraskan that Deb Fischer is speaking monday afternoon at the convention details: You can watch her speech online at She is expected to speak at some point between 4-6 pm CST.

    Real women with accomplishments rule.

    • giliar says :

      You got that right, NEO!!!!

      • neenergyobserver says :

        Of course I have, Giliar, i pay attention to who get things done, and most of the time it ain’t us guys.

        Look at you, and Deb, and Jessica, three winners in one column, and a lot of others not mentioned.

      • giliar says :

        You’re too kind, NEO! Look at what you and lots of other guys do. We ALL work hard to spread the word and do what we can. I keep telling people that the huge difference between the 2012 election and the 2008 election is exactly what you’re doing right now – using social media. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more were owned by the left and Obama last time. Not this time. We rule and we’re not afraid to show it!!!!

      • neenergyobserver says :

        I know, Giliar, and we try to do our part. We’re going to win this fall, big I think.

        Jessica and I were talking earlier this afternoon at my shop about how social media works so much better for us than them because we think for ourselves and can react so much faster. it takes time to distribute talking points after all, and by the time they get them issued we’ve moved on. Now, if only more people listened, well it’s far better than 2008.

      • giliar says :

        I really do smell a landslide coming – but we can’t get complacent. I can see November from my house (and I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!) So in my case, I see a tsunami coming 😉

      • neenergyobserver says :

        I agree, I’m just cautious as a planner 🙂

      • Tom says :

        As far as “talking points” go, in fairness let’s acknowledge that Todd Akin could have seriously used some talking points from, well, virtually any medical professional on the planet.

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