Hump Day Report: Epic Fake, Epic Fail

ALOHA, ALL!  “I just think it’s better when we spread the wealth around.”  “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly.”  “You didn’t build that!”  Are we getting a clear picture of Obama now?  After nearly 4 years in office, is America finally realizing that the man they elected to the Presidency in 2008 is not the “Hope and Change, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” guy?  I suspect so.  Just think of two remarkable happenings in the past week:  the Newsweek cover bashing Obama, and the incredible success of “2016 – Obama’s America.”  Obama and his team are in full-blown panic mode because the mask is coming off and we’re seeing an ugly picture.  Of course, many of us saw the real Obama in 2008, but what’s important is that more and more of those who wanted to believe are realizing they trusted a phony.  And that’s a good thing.

Obama’s not helping himself.  “I Don’t Take These Folks Too Seriously” – Obama Dismisses SEAL group attack  “One of their members is a ‘birther’ who denies I was born here, despite evidence to the contrary,” Obama told The Virginian-Pilot. “You’ve got another who was a tea party candidate in a recent election.”  So let me get this straight:  The “Hope and Change” President of the United States is dismissing criticism of White House security leaks and how he spiked the ball after killing bin Laden?  Criticism from SEALs?????  Yeah, keep talking, Barry.  Oh yeah – your minions like Eric Boehlert calling SEALS “gutless” isn’t too smart, either: Media Matter Senior Fellow Attacks Former Navy SEALs 

Here’s the video Obama isn’t taking “too seriously” – it’s 22 minutes long and has nearly 3 million views.  Looks like somebody is taking this seriously even if Preezy isn’t:  

Speaking of popular movies. Anti-Obama Movie Beats Batman And Bourne  “Having opened last month in just a single Texas theater and facing complaints from the president’s supporters, the “2016: Obama’s America” was shown in 169 theaters last weekend is slated to be in 800 this weekend…”  And:  Anti-Obama Doc Drawing Big Crowds, Even In New York City  Folks, we are witnessing a true, grassroots phenomenon with this movie.  Go see it – I’m going again.

If Team Obama isn’t curled up in a fetal position yet...another movie is set to be released during the GOP convention:  The Hope And The Change  “The Hope and The Change, examines the journey of forty Americans – Democrats and Independents – who supported and voted for President Obama four years ago.”  I think I hear shrieks coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama’s not helping himself, Part II:  

Obama’s not helping himself, Part III:  The press actually laughs at him in this one over the comment about releasing medical records, and he doesn’t even seem to understand why!  

And finally – Obama’s not helping himself:

An actual picture of Obama speaking at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. TOTUS RULES….literally!!

In Other News:

Red States More Disposed To Charitable Giving Than Blue States  Duh!

Romney’s Cash Advantage Over Obama Grows To More Than $60 Million  Happy Dance 🙂

Palin Suggests Third Party Candidate in Missouri  (Video) Yep!

Final Thought:  “The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Groucho Marx



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6 responses to “Hump Day Report: Epic Fake, Epic Fail”

  1. David says :


    I don’t know how much good it will do but I think I found and read the article “Dumb#*s Akin was trying to quote. I get the sense that conservative women are torn when they hear an idiot spout what sounds like complete BS when purportedly defending their interests. I don’t blame them.

    However, if you were able to hear the ENTIRE interview and have the article in hand, you would realize his intentions were not malicious. He just can’t seem to articulate. For that alone, he is disqualified in my mind from being a good candidate for any representative responsibility.

    Finally, the article states that a candidate from MO quoted the source poorly in the past, which leads me tobelieve that Akin could very well have been ambushed. It’s not a mystery that he deserves what he is getting and that we need better in the US Senate. Trust the media NOT to quote this source…..look at the name.

    Here’s the link::


    • giliar says :

      David – thanks for sending the link to this article. First, let me say that I agree with you – Akin does need to go. If one can’t articulate coherently on an important issue like this then he or she has no business running for office. And yes, conservative women who find abortion abhorrent cringe when someone like Akin says something so idiotic. Why did he even go there? You may be right that he was purposely ambushed. But even then he should have had the sense to not spout off like an idiot. From the article you sent it’s obvious that the Republicans aren’t trying to change the definition of rape but the Democrats are. The Dems completely dismiss the concept of statutory rape, which could indeed be consensual.

  2. Tom says :

    With all due respect, Palin is right about replacing Akin with a female (this is when Identity politics are called for), but wrong about Sarah Steelman. She’s as, uh, intellectual lacking as Akin. See this example of her high intellectual capacity which turned me against her: [watching this hurts slightly more than shaving your head with a cheese grater while chewing on tinfoil]. She is hot, though.

    Perhaps this whole event will teach Tea Partiers and common conservatives what I’ve been telling them for nearly twenty years: getting ones facts right actually has merit.

    • giliar says :

      It seems there is no viable candidate now to challenge McCaskill. What a shame since she was headed for retirement before this fiasco!

      • Tom says :

        The best bet would be Ann Wagner ( ), who is running for the House seat our Rhodes scholar Akin is vacating. However, Steelman, for whom I ended my own Senatorial campaign to support (before I saw that video), is the only GOP female with serious household recognition in Missouri. Only REP Joanne Emerson rivals her.

        Akin is not completely dead yet. His numbers didn’t drop (yet) as far as they might–and probably will. Of course, none of this would be an issue if conservatives made a point to get their facts right and process them analytically, rather than doing a knee-jerk grasping at anything that seems to support their position (especially if it comes from a “Christian” source). Akin saw a way to dispense with a difficult part of a controversial issue, and he had his you-know-what handed to him, not just for semantics, but for substance. Perhaps now certain types will know that researching BEFORE speaking is not “elitist.” THAT should be the real lesson for conservatives to come out of this.

        BTW, if Akin does win, maybe he and Georgia Congressman Hank “Guam might capsize” Johnson can form a bipartisan “Congressional Dumb**** Caucus.”

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