Hump Day Report: Sleazy Preezy Obama

ALOHA, ALL!!  How about we start an ad campaign stating that Barack Obama molests collies? After all, didn’t he eat dog once?  Who knows what happened to that poor dog before he became dinner?  Actually, the possible connection between those two occurrences is just as likely as the connection between Romney’s time at Bain Capital and a guy’s dead wife.  (Maybe more likely?)  You’ve no doubt heard about this new sleazy ad from an Obama-supporting Super PAC:  

The guy in this ad, Joe Soptic, must enjoy his role as a serial liar for the Obama campaign since he appeared in a previous anti-Romney ad.  This one is especially despicable….he blames Romney for his wife’s death.  Never mind that she still had health insurance and a job after he lost his.  Even the Washington Post gives this ad 4 Pinocchios.  (Their highest rating on the “lie test” – it deserves 100 pinocchios.)  Of course, Obama’s minions claim that Soptic never actually says Romney killed his wife, but you be the judge – the implication is there.  President “Hope and Change” is anything but.  He’ll say and do anything to deflect from the economy and his abysmal presidency.  But it’s a Super PAC, you say, and not Obama spreading these lies?  Obama has no control over the ad?  Think again, my friend.  The guy running the Super PAC (Priorities USA Action) is none other than Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Burton.  No connection?  So Romney is a felon who hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years and killed a guy’s wife????  We’re not stupid, Barry!

Michelle Malkin sets things straight.  Meet The Real Workers Obama Screwed Over  “While Team Obama promotes fables to indict Romney, the incontrovertible stories of the current administration’s economic malpractice are finally getting out. In2010, I first reported on how Obama’s UAW bailout threw tens of thousands of nonunion autoworkers under the bus. It’s the ongoing horror story of some 20,000 white-collar workers at Delphi, a leading auto parts company spun off from GM a decade ago.”

In Other News:

Change It Back 2012  “A movement started by Marine Sgt. Quintana; Purple Heart Veteran of the Iraq war, and led by every day citizens of the United States of America who will not longer sit back and watch the power of the people continue to slip into the hands of a reckless and irresponsible government. We will unite to defeat all elected officials who have made a mockery of our Constitution, including President Barack Obama. In turn we will elect men & women and a President with the resolve to once again and without apology make the United States of America the greatest nation the world has ever conceived.”

Dems Worried They Can’t Fill Bank of America Stadium For Obama Acceptance Speech   “They’ve already moved a planned event at Charlotte Motor Speedway to downtown. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Dems ended up moving Obama’s speech to Time Warner Arena where the first three nights of the convention will be held. ”

Romney Trounces Obama In Fundraising For 3rd Month  “Obama, after spending two days campaigning in Colorado, will hold three fundraising events in his hometown of Chicago on Sunday, including one at his family’s South Side home. The fundraising will be followed by three days of campaigning in Iowa.”  Campaigner-in-Chief!  Ever wonder who’s running things????

Sean Penn Campaigns For Hugo Chavez Re-Election  “Penn, in a white shirt and sunglasses and accompanied by Argentine producer Fernando Sulichin, waved from the stage, fist-bumped and hugged Chavez, but did not address the rally.”  Useful idiot.

And….your antidote for the obsolete media – PJ TV Wednesday News Wrap-Up 😉  

Final Thought:  “Soptic is welcome to his opinion on possible reasons for his wife’s death, but that does not mean Obama supporters should exploit it. On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency.” The Washington Post, August 7, 2012, on the  Priorities USA Action anti-Romney ad



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10 responses to “Hump Day Report: Sleazy Preezy Obama”

  1. Brett says :

    My hope is that Romney will take off the gloves and start punching back, and I don’t mean by having one of his advisors tell us that “if they lived in Mass. they would have had insurance”. That response was almost as deplorable as the add it self.

  2. JessicaHof says :

    These guys are not scraping the bottom of the barrel, they knocked a hole in it and are going down to Australia. An air of desperation – tried hope last time, let’s try fear this one!

  3. Tom says :

    (Regarding anti-Romney ad) “On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency.”–Isn’t it amazing how such an ad can sway the American people, and yet we trust them to select our leaders? Something doesn’t make sense there.

    Democracy: A system where, statistically speaking, half the people making decisions are below average.

    Just an observation.

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