Hump Day Report: It’s Not Easy Being Green

ALOHA, ALL!!  Another one bites the dust.  So how many of these “Green” companies have gone bust?  I can’t keep count anymore.  There was Solyndra and recently Dirty Harry Reid’s pet project near Las Vegas, Amonix.  Now this one – Abound Solar.  Here’s a list as of April 2 – add at least two more:  Solargate:  Solar Companies That Have Gone Bankrupt  BTW, I think Darrell Issa is the hardest working person in Washington! 

Your Friday LOL moment:  “I would wake up every single day, every single day and spend every waking hour thinking about you. Fighting as hard as I knew how for you. Because I see myself in you.”  Yeah – he’s “focused like a laser beam” on jobs.  HA HA HA!! 

How nice!  He thinks of us every day while doing this: 

ICYMI:  TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned By Illegal Alien  “We have cancer patients, Iraq War veterans and Nobel Prize winners all forced to undergo rigorous security checks before getting on an airplane,” said Rogers, “and at the same time, ten years after 9/11, there are foreign nationals in the United States trained to fly just like Mohammed Atta and the other 9/11 hijackers did, and not all of them are necessarily getting a security background check.”

I used to like Megyn Kelly.  But I’ve had it with her.  The other day she said she wasn’t “sure” about how the 71-year-old guy had fended off attackers at an internet cafe with his gun.  Now, she’s condoned racist Jehmu Greene by continuing to have her appear on her show, even after Greene made a blatant racist comment about Tucker Carlson being a “bow tyin’ white boy.”  Great overview by Mychal Massie:  Is Jehmu Greene Worth It To Megyn Kelly And Fox News?   

Love this photo from Jacksonville, FL!   It greeted Obama during his visit there yesterday 🙂

BLOCKBUSTER New Romney ad!  Interesting how Barry *hearts* all these dead-end green businesses but slaps the REAL job creators in the face.  I just saw the business owner in this ad, Jack Gilchrist, interviewed by Neil Cavuto.  Great guy!  I think the owner of Pro Deck in Columbus, Ohio needs to do one of these ads 😉 

This is just plain weird.  Obama Photo Forgery  “The Black male hand under Obama’s right armpit does not match Dunham’s right arm and there are many other photo anomalies.”  I went to the Barack Obama Facebook page myself and sure enough, there was the photo.  I wonder how much longer it will be there??  

Final Thought:  “…We’ll invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especially clean energy technology – an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people.” — Barack Obama on green jobs, 2011 State of the Union speech



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4 responses to “Hump Day Report: It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  1. M. Rethman says :

    Shep seems to resent O’Reilly’s ratings. Brett Baer’s show is sooooo much better than Shepard Smith’s pretty boy routine. I can’t comment on Kelly. Perhaps if one didn’t tolerate the prejudices of the left, one would have none available for any show.

  2. neenergyobserver says :

    Rep. Issa earns the pay of the entire CA delegation IMHO. I think there’s something going on at Fox, Megyn Kelly, yes I’ve noticed too, and Shep is getting more blatant. Pressure from DOJ with regard to “News of the World” perhaps, wouldn’t have to be justified.

    That is a seriously weird picture.

    • giliar says :

      Shep…..I can’t even watch him at all anymore! Hi snide comments about George Zimmerman, among other things, show his bias. And he likes to think of himself as a “news reporter” while calling O’Reilly’s show “opinion” as if his show is more legit. Frankly, they are both opinion-based shows.

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