Hump Day Report: One Wild Wednesday

ALOHA, ALL!!!  Lots happening in Congress today.  As you know, even though Eric “Mr. Transparency” Holder made what he thought was a reasonable proposition to Darrell Issa yesterday, contempt proceedings against him are moving forward in the House.  (Holder’s most excellent proposition to Issa:  I’ll turn over some of the documents you want if you stop the hearings.  Issa’s response to Holder:  Fugeddaboutit!)  No Deal:  After Meeting, Isaa Says Contempt Vote On Holder Is Still On  Of course, Barry has now decided – at the eleventh hour –  to invoke Executive Privilege regarding the documents in question.  Way to go, Preezy!  You’re sounding more like Tricky Dick every day.  In 2007 Obama sure felt differently about using Executive Privilege in this way:  

One thing’s for sure – Holder is in trouble.  When you hear Elijah Cummings saying stuff like this you know the writing’s on the wall.  Hopefully it bites Barry in the butt as well:  

Wednesday in Congress, Part II.  While the House is “Fast and Furious” with Holder today, the Senate is voting on MACT (Maximum  Achievable Control Technology)  an emissions control policy for businesses.  This is the regulation that will kill the coal industry.  Check it out:  Obama’s War On Domestic Energy Production  “So stringent are the standards that potentially dozens of coal-fired power plants will close rather than incur the unsustainable costs of compliance.  The EPA estimates the rule will cost $9.6 billion annually, to be paid by utilities and customers alike for new equipment, monitoring and reporting, loss of generating capacity, and higher electricity rates. Industry insiders consider the agency figures to be a lowball estimate.”

Barry’s Brilliant Domestic Energy Plan  

Final Thought:  “A public man must never forget that he loses his usefulness when he as an individual, rather than his policy, becomes the issue.” Richard M. Nixon



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12 responses to “Hump Day Report: One Wild Wednesday”

  1. Brett Kulbis says :

    I saw a lot more of the end of that committee on Wednesday than my brain could take…..each and every one of the Dems were sympathetic to Holder, scoriated Issa and blamed Bush. I was yelling at the TV, good thing Chavits and Mack were there to put them in their place.

    • giliar says :

      Jason Chaffetz is truly a rising star! He’s the one who slept on a cot in his office in DC to save taxpayer’s money.

  2. Tom says :


    “I think Eric Holder has acted honorably, he’s done everything he could to allow us to do our job, which is to investigate this matter,” Cummings said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “When Eric Holder found out about [the gun-walking] tactics, he immediately stopped it.”

    “I really don’t think it is necessary” to go forward with contempt proceedings, Cummings said Tuesday morning. “I think we can resolve this.”

    Read more:


    CUMMINGS: “No legitimate examination of this issue will be complete without analyzing our nation’s gun laws, which allow tens of thousands of assault weapons to flood into Mexico from the United States every year, including fifty caliber sniper rifles, multiple AK variants, and scores of others. When Mexican President Calderon addressed Congress in May, he pleaded for us to stop fueling a full-scale drug war with military grade assault weapons.”–

    • giliar says :

      Yes….Cummings is a blatant apologist for Obama & Holder. The fact that he made the statement that he “will not rest” until everyone is held accountable shows the writing is on the wall. He realizes Holder is toast and he’s covering his own butt.

  3. Debbie Hobbs says :

    Hi, Gilia! I enjoyed meeting you and your husband on our trip abroad. I just wish we had had more time to chat about things. Thanks for telling me about your blog. I am enjoying reading it and have passed it on to several of my friends. Daily, I am amazed at the current administration’s audacity or perhaps I should say lack of shame. Let’s pray that November brings the change that we so desperately need. Keep up your excellent work!


    • giliar says :

      Thank you, Debbie!!! Yes – we need REAL change in November and I’m doing my darndest to help make that happen. I know you and all HDR readers are as well.

  4. M. Rethman says :

    In this case, the behavior AND the cover-up are both reprehensible. The gun-walking tactics may have made sense if the requisite investigatory efforts had been made (although it’s hard to see how thousands of guns made sense under any plan). They were not. If Bush had a role in this screw-up, let that be exposed as well, esp. since one of Obama’s excuses is that the program supposedly began under Bush. But Holder is trying to hide, Obama is protecting him for both political reasons and who knows what Holder has on Obama?

    Regardless of how this spins out, Holder needs to go. If it has to await Obama’s departure from office in Jan. 2013, so be it, but let’s get rid of Obama!

    • giliar says :

      Ah yes….I’m sure Holder knows a lot about Obama that we don’t.

    • Brett Kulbis says :

      With Obama invoking Executive Privilege at the 11th hour, you know there is something they are hiding. My guess is this was a covert attempt to push for more gun control and BHO was probably very much aware of all of it.

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