Hump Day Report: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Let’s Go, Girls – Time For Real Change!

ALOHA ALL!  Some encouraging news on the polling front:  Mitt Romney has closed the Gender Gap with Barack Obama.  Just a few months ago (after the Democrats fabricated the fake “War on Women”) it seemed insurmountable for Romney to gain a foothold with the female vote.  What a difference a couple of months make!  Women are realizing that the economy is failing and that Obama’s policies are to blame.  When considering those who have lost their jobs, women have been hit especially hard – 92% of the jobs lost in Obama’s economy were jobs held by women.  According to an April 17 “Fact Checker” article in the Washington Post, women have lost both public sector and private sector jobs under Obama.  And while Obama claims that the private sector is “doing fine,” 243,000 women have lost jobs during his time in office while men have gained 82,000 jobs….in the private sector.  Doing fine?  Investors Business Daily reports that overall, private sector jobs are down 4% since January 2008, and public sector jobs are up 11.4%.  No matter how Obama tries to spin it and regardless of his smoke and mirrors ploy using Sandra Fluke in his carnival act, women are seeing past his rhetoric.  Which is why the Gender Gap has closed.  Dick Morris explains it perfectly in this video:  

The latest Gallup poll cited by Morris is astounding – Romney has overcome an 18 point Gender Gap deficit  in April and is now only 3 points behind, meaning it’s a dead heat.  And these stats are for 12 key battleground states.  Romney’s favorability among women has seen a 21 point swing for the better.  In April, he was viewed favorably by  27% of women and unfavorably by 52%.  Now, his favorability is 40% and unfavorability is 44%.  This is a remarkable turn-around.  So I have to say to my fellow females, thanks for restoring my faith in our gender!  While I know some will still beat the “War on Women” drum, it’s producing a hollow, discordant tune.  But many of you have come a long way in just a few short months and realize the dire consequences of four more years with Obama.  You see another more optimistic path for yourselves and future generations. Stay the course!

Final Thought:  “There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty.”  Margaret Thatcher



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