Hump Day Report: He Said….He Said

“Hey guys….thought I’d drop by and re-write history. After all, I am the Preezy!”

ALOHA, ALL!!!  Did you know that Barack Obama is listed on the personal, Presidential biographical page of Lyndon Johnson?  How about Roosevelt and Coolidge?  And of course….Ronald Reagan?  You say, “but that’s not possible….Obama wasn’t even born or in politics during those times!”  And you would be correct.  However, someone in the Obama administration has  purposely gone through all the Presidential biographies at and inserted tidbits about Obama to promote his “accomplishments.”  Obama Drops His Name Into The Other Presidential Biographies (Shaka to Biz) Why should we be surprised?  This is a man who supposedly wrote an autobiography with composite women – not real ones – as characters.  Which leads me to the next “He said….he said” topic.

OK – ever since Barry announced he had “evolved” into accepting same sex marriage, there has been a rash of articles and blog posts about his own past, secret life.  I’m posting links here so you can read for yourselves and decide.  Note:  this is not about Obama (maybe) being gay, it’s about him (possibly) lying, covering up, and (absolutely) being a complete fraud!  Do I believe all these stories?  Frankly, nothing would surprise me at this point:

Obama Accused of Sexual Harassment While At Harvard Law Review

Sex And Murder In The Land Of Obama?

Newsweek Misses “First Gay President” Call By Three Years

Mother Of Obama’s Gay Murdered Lover Speaks Up (An older story but it has re-surfaced)

This story is absolutely true:  How Our “Gay” President Learned About Sex

Bloggers are having fun with that Newsweek cover.  Here’s a good one from The Looking Spoon

Catholics aren’t happy with Obama.  Of course, they never should have voted for him in the first place.  The reality is, if he gets a second term say goodbye to traditional marriage and the sanctity of life – unborn lives and elderly lives. (Shaka to Pat for the link)  

Women aren’t happy with Obama:  Obama’s Politicized Commencement Speech and Obama Losing Support Among Women They should have never voted for him in the first place.  I’m repeating myself.

It turns out that Black pastors aren’t happy with Barry either:  White House Getting Blow-Back From African American Churches On Gay Marriage Stance and Black Pastor Tells CNN His Church Won’t Support Obama

Not about Obama’s sex life, but another mysteriously secretive part of his past:  Feds Willing To Destroy Millions Of Vital Records Just To Protect Barack Obama

Did you know Obama and his team tried to bribe Jeremiah Wright?  The Bribe To Silence Wright  “And one of the first things Barack said was, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do any more public speaking until after the November election.’ He knew I had some speaking engagements lined up, and he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t speak. It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that.’  Then there’s this little tidbit:  Obama Crony Who Tried To Bride Wright Just Got $5.9 Million HHS Contract  “Allegedly it’s Eric Whitaker. That’s the same guy who runs the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Michelle Obama got her big six-figure promotion coincidentally shortly after The One was elected to the Senate…”

OBAMA MUST GO!!  Of course, these people would disagree  

Final Thought:  “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1



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9 responses to “Hump Day Report: He Said….He Said”

  1. neenergyobserver says :

    What a week it has been. Obama’s campaign reeks of desperation, and seems to be confusing money with votes. Will blacks in large numbers vote against him? No. Stay home? Maybe.

    The opportunity is in the Hispanic community, many of these are staunch Catholics, of course I’m not talking about the gang-bangers here, I’ referring to the many strong families that have come here to better themselves like the rest of us, by hard work.

    • giliar says :

      I think you’re right, NEO. There will be some Blacks who will vote for Romney now because of Obama’s gay marriage “evolution.” However, I think that base – that was so strong and energized in 2008 – will just be unmotivated this time and not turn out. The true Hispanic community (not the illegals…the legal immigrants who can actually vote) is an untapped gold mine for the GOP.

  2. Tom says :

    From “How Our ‘Gay’ President Learned About Sex”: “Obama admits getting ‘hard-earned knowledge’ from [Frank Marshall] Davis.”

    Well, I guess that’s one way of explaining it.


    Oh, and don’t worry. Blacks will vote for him in the 99+ percent range, regardless of what a few tokens say. … No, there is no “tidal change” in the Black community. Whites are reading their own “post-racial politics” into a demographic and community that is not so “evolved.” … Yes, I know Blacks have suffered under Obama. But he’s Black. … Yes, I know they logically should look elsewhere. But you are reading your own disregard of a racial self-identity into their minds. They are proud of their collective identity, whereas White people like me who express that same pride in their collective identity are censored by their own side.

    I will say no more, in the hopes that such censorship does not happen here.

    • mrethman says :

      More will simply stay home this time… especially if it’s bad weather in the east. Not as good as having more vote against Obama, although some will, but half as good.

      • Tom says :

        There may indeed be tens of Blacks across the country who do that, but keep in mind that “the first African-American President” cannot be allowed to be seen as a failure. Losing re-election would indicate failure (e.g., Carter, Ford). Also, remember that the Dems practice “Knock and Drag,” where they go to people’s and literally drag them out of the house if they haven’t voted yet. They have learned the lesson conservatives refuse to learn: letting people decide such things for themselves is to invite failure.

        And no, Blacks so dragged will NOT vote against Obama as a result. They can’t go against a brutha.

      • mrethman says :

        Tom, you could be right, but I give blacks more credit for internal diversity than do you. Even as a fourth-grader in Catholic school, I couldn’t understand why Catholics of all stripes (esp. Irish-Catholics) streamed to vote for Kennedy in 1960, but soon the benefit (or detriment) of being a “Catholic” politician ceased to matter. Blacks as a group may be more refractory to similar bloc dilution, but the changes will be measurable (both in terms of a lower percentage of blacks who vote for Obama as well as lower turnout) and may turn out to be the difference in states where the vote will be close.

      • Tom says :

        mrethman, I give Blacks less credit for internal diversity, and more importantly, for their ability to show diversity (the real issue here). Their demographic’s culture and internal dynamics are far more imposing of uniformity than most White people can appreciate, with their means of doing so go far beyond anything American Whites would do, certainly in this wimped-down day and age, to impose comparable uniformity on our people.

        If you think about it and are honest, you know this is absolutely true.

  3. mrethman says :

    C’mon giliar! How can you be surprised that Obama’s was on the minds of all past presidents — an American prophecy to be fulfilled along the lines of “….a star appeared in the East.” 😦

    A con like Obama can only con others if they are too dim to recognize that they are being conned or are being paid for it. Many are being paid, but it’s my hope a majority of Americans aren’t so dim this time around. But nothing surprises me… look for some version of the “tail that wags the dog” out of his Administration in October…!

    Is Obama a demi-devil or the genuine anti-Christ? Probably neither, but one could make either case better than the case that’s been made to make him a demigod….

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