Hump Day Report: Tales of Two Attorneys General

“Who me? I only take credit for successes. Think I’ll go play some golf now.”

ALOHA, ALL!!  So amid all the ball-spiking, high fives, and other shameless promotion of his “I killed bin Laden” campaign, did you realize the Obama administration was ready to blame the military if the operation failed?  I’m not talking about some after-the-fact, spontaneous blame game, but a formalized report, prepared in advance, that would have put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Vice Admiral William McRaven.  McRaven led the mission that captured OBL:  The Terrorist Hunter On Whose Shoulders the OBL Raid Rested.  Yeah….Preezy wasn’t gonna take any blame if something went wrong.  Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey exposed Obama’s plan during a recent interview with Sean Hannity.  Check this out:  

That video of Mukasey begs the question:  what’s our current AG up to?  Short answer:  no good.  Here’s a longer explanation.  The Chicago Way:  Justice For Sale At Holder’s DOJ  “Eric Holder has not criminally charged or prosecuted a single top executive from any of the elite financial institutions thought responsible for the financial crash. And why would they? As Boyer and Schweizer report, “through last fall, Obama had collected more donations from Wall Street than any of the Republican candidates; employees of Bain Capital donated more than twice as much to Obama as they did to Romney, who founded the firm.”

In Other News:

Basketball Thug Charles Barkley Threatens To Beat Romney Like A Drum  “I apply the Republican test to comments like Barkley’s. How would the liberal media respond if a noted high-profile conservative had used similar language about President Obama?”

Lugar Ousted By Tea Party Challenger  “Indiana grassroots appears to have scored a major victory of the GOP establishment in tonight’s hotly contested senate primary. Richard Mourdock, the State Treasurer heavily backed by various tea parties is the projected winner over career politician Dick Lugar in a historic upset.”

Jehmu Greene:  Portrait Of Black Bigotry  (Article written by a Black conservative)  “Had Carlson or any other white person called Greene a burr-headed colored girl on the air, Al Sharpton would have been outside the studio door before they left the air. Megyn Kelly would have immediately and harshly rebuked the offender – all the while silently thanking her ratings gods that a white person had said something so offensive on her show – especially if it had been a white male. She would have thought that she had died and gone to ratings heaven. Instead, typical of those like her, Kelly, because Greene was black, waited until the end of the interview and then offered a tepid apology.”  I still contend she should be fired!!!!!

How about a not-so reverent recap of the news from PJ Media’s Scott Ott?  LOVE the story about West Virginia – LOL!!!  


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11 responses to “Hump Day Report: Tales of Two Attorneys General”

  1. neenergyobserver says :

    “I’m not talking about some after-the-fact, spontaneous blame game, but a formalized report, prepared in advance, that would have put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Vice Admiral William McRaven. McRaven led the mission that captured OBL: The Terrorist Hunter On Whose Shoulders the OBL Raid Rested.”

    What, You expected something like this?

    “Our landings have failed and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that bravery could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”

    I suppose we need to remember that Obama hasn’t compared himself to Eisenhower. Yet, anyway.

    • giliar says :

      Ah yes, NEO…..he hasn’t compared himself to a lily-livered coward yet either. But don’t they say actions speak louder than words? Love your mea culpa, BTW. NEO FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!

    • Tom says :

      No, not Eisenhower. Marshall Zhukov seems more his ideology, though more competent and congenial.

      • neenergyobserver says :

        Tom, Zhukov was competent enough, we just don’t consider marching a battalion through a minefield a cost effective method of mine clearance. Barry is more congenial, though, so was Lenin (at least to your face).

      • Tom says :

        neenergyobserver, my late cat had a better military mind than “Barry.” For real! I saw her successfully enforce her will on the other, bigger cats with violence, sneak attacks, and general dominance of the battlefield. Heck, even the dog and horses seemed to listen to her. And ask Bibi Netanyahu and our other traditional allies (especially the UK) about his “congeniality.”

        (HEE HEE!) And here my cat is in her final action 😀 (pardon the gender misprint at end)

      • neenergyobserver says :

        Yep, cats are pretty good at most miltary practices.

  2. Tom says :

    Let’s just say, I would be proud to give Megyn Kelly some ratings.

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