Hump Day Report: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

ALOHA, All!!  Let’s take a break from all the Obamacare news and talk about blatant racism.  Barack Obama, Al Sharpton the media and myriad other charlatans have already condemned George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  It doesn’t matter that a witness has come forward saying that Martin attacked Zimmerman, all you have to do is look at that innocent (albeit 5 years old) photo of Martin to know that he must have undoubtedly been shot to death in cold blood.  But wait….there’s more:

‘I Am Trayvon’: Trademark and more in works  “Martin’s mother reportedly is seeking to trademark rights to slogans based on her son’s name, and an online report documented how the neighborhood watch volunteer is a registered Democrat.”

The Daily Caller obtains Trayvon Martin’s tweets – Common American Journal  “Martin tweeted under the handle “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” an account that was closed shortly after his death.”  Gee….I thought the N word was racist?  Oh yeah – the Obama campaign is now selling hoodies with Obama’s name on them:  Blog: Obama and the Hoodie  They really must be worried about raising funds.

Another Thought Criminal Banished by the Daily Kos | FrontPage Magazine  “Staying true to its record of suffocating free expression, the Daily Kos recently banned poster Ben Cohen over his opposition to the mob hysteria and media misinformation that has all but convicted George Zimmerman of cold-blooded, racially motivated murder in the absence of evidence or trial.”  How…well…liberal of them!

So in light of all this, here’s a photo from The Looking Spoon that says it all.  Check out the site for more.

Final Thought: “If only Al Sharpton were around, Lincoln would have known he was a victim of racism.” Ann Coulter



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4 responses to “Hump Day Report: Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

  1. The Green Honu (@TheGreenHonu) says :

    The uninformed and misinformed are getting their current affairs and facts from the talking heads of the mainstream media; who are more interested in increasing ratings to the likes of reality TV shows.

    I’m hearing the MSM is now calling George Zimmerman a “white-hispanic” LOL!!! That’s liken to calling our President a “white-afro american” geez what’s this world coming too…

    • giliar says :

      A White Hispanic????? That reminds me of the movie “Little Big Man” where the old Indian chief referred to African Americans as “The Black White Man.” So I guess if you’re not Black, you’re White.

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