Hump Day Report: Monkey Business

"If we ignore it, it will all go away."

ALOHA, All!!  Barry’s benevolence is amazing.  He has looked over his domain and decided we have too much…too much land, too much in natural resources, just TOO MUCH!  So his latest act of noblesse oblige is to give part of Alaska to Russia.  Yes, you heard me.  In it’s infinite wisdom, the 0bama administration has decided through a so-called maritime agreement – developed by our own State Department – to give 7 Alaskan islands to Russia.  Well ain’t that just a barrell of monkeys?  So why aren’t the media shouting this from the rooftops?  Barry thinks it’s OK to give away part of our own country and they say nothing???  Monkey business doesn’t even come close…..(BTW, if you read Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” this whole thing makes perfect sense.)   

What the heck – we don’t need that silly oil!  Obama’s giveaway: oil-rich islands to Russia – Common American Journal  “Obama’s State Department is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians. Yes, to the Putin regime in the Kremlin.”

Lest we forget.  Harsanyi: Aren’t High Gas Prices What Democrats Want? » Commentary — GOPUSA  “Gas prices are spiking. That’s great news, right? We have to wean ourselves off the stuff. At least that’s what we’ve been hearing for years. Oil is dirty. We import it from nations that hate our guts (like Canada!). And moreover, we’re running out. Oil is “finite.” Finite much in the way water is finite.”

Meanwhile, back at the castle – another vacation for Michelle Antoinette.  Michelle Obama Decides to Ski Aspen – Common American Journal  “The first lady, who just returned last month from 17 days of relaxation in Hawaii, is skiing in Colorado on Presidents’ Day Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year she went to Vail.”  How special for her!  She works so hard, she needs another vacation with the girls.

LOVE this story from HDR reader Jackie:  


When I read about Big Bill Thompson and the Al Capone/Chicago machine in the Hump Day report, I about fell over because Big Bill is a dirty word in my family. My paternal great-grandfather, Robert M. Sweitzer, was Big Bill’s Democratic opponent in 1915 and again I think in 1927. I know all about the Mob connections and the dirty politics back then and vote fixing. My great grandfather was also Cook County Clerk during this same time and high up in the Knights of Columbus (supposedly not a plus back then to be Catholic). On the other side of my family, my maternal grandfather who was a Chicago policeman/detective, helped arrest Big Al Capone which resulted in him heading off to prison (I have a newspaper clipping) Just thought you might find my family connections interesting.

Sure enough, here’s Jackie’s great-grandfather from the election.  HDR readers ROCK!!! 

As if on cue:  Obama Following Chicago Style Politics – Buying Votes – Godfather Politics  “Back in the early and middle 1900s, the city of Chicago had a reputation of dirty politics. Corrupt politicians would stand outside the polls with a stack of money with which they would distribute to voters willing to cast their votes for the politician providing the bribe money.”

What “equality”really means.  I Support Income Inequality and So Should You  “If Liberals want income equality, let them go to Cuba. Yes, we do have income inequality in the United States, and it’s a good thing. If we had income equality, we would all be equally poor.” BINGO!

Not all the Greenies like Barry – check out this article from Natural News.  Green companies with political ties to Obama receive billions in federal funds  “In case you may have forgotten, one of candidate Barack Obama’s central themes during his 2008 presidential bid was “change.” In particular, he wanted to change the way Washington did its business, pointing out – correctly, by the way – that there was too much collusion between lawmakers and lobbying interests.”

New law in Giliana:  if you don’t pay income tax you shouldn’t be allowed to vote!  Chart: Nearly Half of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes  “Another eye-popping number was the percentage of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, which now accounts for nearly half of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, most of that population receives generous federal benefits.”  Check out this chart from the article:  

Final Thought:   “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Stephen Chu, Energy Secretary, and “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.” Barack 0bama, 2008



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6 responses to “Hump Day Report: Monkey Business”

  1. TheLight says :

    Giving parts of Alaska away is more of an attack on Palin’s than anything else~ No matter how wild it may sound this is a war between God(truth) and Satan(liar)~ 2012 is the year~! TheLight

    • giliar says :

      A vendetta against Palin is a bonus for Barry in this case. Read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and it will all make sense. There is so much more going on here!

  2. mrethman says :

    Giliana…? I like it.

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