Hump Day Report: Pants on Fire

ALOHA, ALL!!  Lots of lies & mischief…..I mean news… to cover so let’s get to it.

Barry’s Bountiful Budget – Turns out it’s good news for those who want big government.  Not so good news for the rest of us.  Great quote from Investor’s Business Daily:  “What do you call a budget that boosts spending $227 billion, adds $329 billion to an already huge deficit, and does nothing to fix the entitlement crisis? If you’re President Obama, it’s called “fiscal responsibility.”

Obama Budget to Spend 1.5 Times as Much on Health Care as on Defense |

Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal Is A Monument To Irresponsibility –

President’s Budget Eliminates Funding for D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program  Why should poor kids have a choice?  Sasha & Malia get to go to private schools and Barry himself benefitted from the best private school in Hawaii.  Enuff said.

White House’s Jack Lew Spins Truth in Defending Obama’s Budget  This guy must have whiplash from his warp speed spinning!

And To Combat The “Lies” The Truth Squads Are Back!

Obama to Unleash ‘Truth Teams’ to Counter Negative Coverage – Common American Journal

Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations – Common American Journal

OOPS!  Another lie uncovered.  ObamaCare Architect: Premiums to Soar | FrontPage Magazine  “…MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of ObamaCare, backtracked on the analysis he performed two years ago. He told officials in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Colorado the price of insurance premiums will “dramatically increase” under the reforms.”

OOPS!  Part II.  Debt Has Climbed $4.47T Since Obama Released First Budget—Calling for ‘A New Era of Responsibility’ |  “On Feb. 26, 2009, as Obama released his budget for fiscal 2010, the national debt stood at $10.88 trillion. At the close of business on Feb. 9, 2012, the national debt stood at $15.36 trillion.”

Rick Still Rolling.  All Tied Up Between Romney and Santorum

Say Yes Tim!!  

A Breath of Fresh, Patriotic Air!!  Pete Hegseth is home from Afghanistan and considering a run for Senate:  Home in Minnesota…  “What an amazing feeling. Dropping my green duffle bags on the kitchen floor and kissing my wife and son. Home. ”  You can also follow him on Facebook: Minnesotans for Pete Hegseth

Amen!!!  A Majority of Catholics Got What They Voted For  “For over 40 years you’ve been funding, via the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, community organizations with progressive political agendas that convinced you that your religious world and your public policy world were two separate entities. You wanted universal health care? Well, so did they. Never mind the pesky little business of abortion and family planning funding. But here it is, back at you!”  Are they finally waking up?  59% of Catholics Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance – Rasmussen Reports™

Lest We Forget.  This is an oldie but a goodie – we could add so many more lies to this clip now!  

MAJOR Oldie!!!!  

Final Thought:  “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”― Adolf Hitler



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  1. mrethman says :

    It gives me a heavy heart that a president who has based his life-story on half-truths and lies, based his campaign on lies and who has based his presidency on lies continues to be favored by so many of my fellow-Americans. I guess we get the leaders we deserve.

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