Hump Day Report: Not Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Hey Kids - Let's All Go Make A Standard Bear!

ALOHA, ALL!!  I was going to let this pass but just can’t.  We keep hearing how “brilliant” Barack 0bama is.  I’ve said all along that he’s not….he’s just handled well (especially by a fawning press.)  So get this:  0bama gave an interview with Univision on Wednesday where he emphasized his support of the DREAM Act and other programs for illegals.  He also railed against Republicans (SHOCK!) and said he really wasn’t campaigning until they have a nominee (what a liar!)  But here’s the best part:  “I’ll let them determine who their standard bear is going to be…”  It’s in quotes because yes, that’s exactly what he said.  Read it again.  “Standard bear?”    Obama: GOP rivals ‘wrong for America’ –

So we have a President who thinks there are 57 states.  Who doesn’t know the difference between an inhaler and a breathalyzer.  He thinks our military has corpse men.  And now he thinks there’s something called a standard bear?  What’s next…maybe he thinks gym class is named after some guy named Jim?

This guy is a joke.  #wecantwait!!!!!!

For your enjoyment:  

BTW – check this out for yourself.  All the newspaper reports have that line removed….except the link above from The Hill.  So what does that tell you?


You be the judge – perhaps he does know the difference between a bear and a bearer.  (Thanks to Lee & Cathy for the video link.)  Regardless, he did make all those other blunders that would have had a GOP or conservative candidate branded as an ineligible cretin.  Remember the uproar when Dan Quayle misspelled potato?  


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3 responses to “Hump Day Report: Not Smarter Than Your Average Bear”

  1. Chad says :

    Now that is funny~! hehehe

  2. Cathy Smith says :

    President Obama did say “bearer.” The problem is with whoever wrote the transcript. Chances are that person wasn’t originally from this country. Shame on The Hill for not catching that. You can listen for yourself here:

    And Obama is smart, although not “brilliant,” as some of his die-hard supporters might say. Trying to make the case that he’s dumb is way off the mark. However I consider him the worst President in history because of his absolute lack of regard for our liberties. The man is base.

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