Hump Day Report: The Nightmare Continues

ALOHA, ALL!!  In the last HDR, you read how the left used MLK day to spew racism against whites.  But it looks like they used the day in other ways, namely to break voter registration laws and to blatantly promote the leftist political agenda in church.  Valerie Jarrett spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and basically gave a campaign speech for Barry/Barack:    This administration thinks rules don’t apply to them!  They also held a voter registration drive immediately following Jarrett’s speech in direct violation of this:

Voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation or intervention.

So do you think the IRS will revoke Ebenezer Baptist Church’s tax-exempt status?  Don’t hold your breath.  (Shaka to Smart Girl Politics for the story and Don for the photo.)

Harpootlian owned by O’Reilly.  This is too good – Dick Harpootlian is the SC Dem hack (‘er) chair who said the GOP was disrespectful for debating on MLK day.  Watch Bill O’Reilly give him a good old-fashioned smack down:  ‘You’re Getting Killed Here!’: O’Reilly Embarrasses SC Dem Chair With Reminder Of 2008 MLK Day Debate 

Gingrich won the debate Monday night and here’s why:  

Another reason Gingrich won (and why Ron Paul could never win):  

Best news I’ve heard in a long time!  Rep. Allen West: I’d Step Up to Vice-Presidential Plate if Asked to Run – Common American Journal  “If people come to me and ask me to continue to serve my country in a higher capacity, I’m not going to say no. It would be an incredible privilege and honor. I doubt that I’m on anybody’s list.”

And West warns 0bama:  Future President Allen West to Future Ex-President Obama: Don’t Play the Race Card in 2012 | All American Blogger  “Mr. President, your very presence in office demonstrates Dr. King’s dream has indeed come true. But how devastated would Dr. King be to know the Americans who are still fomenting racism at the highest levels are the very people for whom he fought for and died?”

Quick Links:

Mostly peaceful protesters toss mostly smokeless bomb over White House fence « Hot Air  Jonah Goldberg asks, “Remember when the Tea Party threw smoke bombs at the White House? Me neither.”

Pelosi Distances Dems From Occupy ‘We Don’t Really Have Much of A Connection’ – Common American Journal  Ha Ha Ha!!!!  Nancy Nitwit is at it again.

First Lady Celebrates B-Day at Steakhouse Featuring $28 ‘Obama’ Burger–Kobe Beef, Bacon, Cheese |  Everyone else can eat cake.

Mark Wahlberg Discusses Faith, Church, Prayer & More With Piers Morgan  Marky Mark goes to church every day – who knew????

‘Urinegate’ Spurs Anti-American Hysterics | FrontPage Magazine Norwegians are calling Americans worse than Nazis – so much for liberating them.

Final Thought:  “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” – Benjamin Franklin  (Shaka to Sally)


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  1. Chad says :

    Pitting races against races, religions against religions, classes against classes and etc is a National Security issue~ Inspiring separation and potential violence by this means makes a leader a National Security threat I believe~ And not one of the candidates can mend this broken fence no matter how much they stand up to media or out jook the other with words~ The American people truly are at the highest risk they have been in many years~ The speed in which this occuring is sure to cause its own major problems before elections get here if some drastic changes arent made soon~ Because martial law is waiting to be implemented for a reason and which reason will it be~? The pot on the stove is right below boiling and now the heat is being turned up by radicals who have infiltrated the system~ And my concern is at its highest for America as a whole~

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