Hump Day Report: War is Hell, But You Better Be Angels

ALOHA, ALL!!  The demonization and emasculation  of our military continues.  Not only are 0bama’s policies cutting back the military and making us less safe, it looks like even under the most dangerous and trying of circumstances, our soldiers need to be perfect.  They cannot express their frustration or anger at the enemy.  They need to be sensitive and tolerant of cultural differences.  They need to be deferential to the enemy’s needs.  Bull feathers.  We are at war!  The American people seem to think that just because bombs aren’t going off in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, everything is hunky-dory.  We are at war!  This type of war is unlike any we’ve ever experienced, and make no mistake….it will last all our lifetimes.  So enough of this silly outrage about some soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters.  We. Are. At. War!!!

Allen West weighs in:  Unless You‘ve Been Shot at by the Taliban ’Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell’

So-called “leaders” grovel:  Another Disgraceful Apology Frenzy | FrontPage Magazine  “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her “total dismay,” a reaction stronger than her comments about the Egyptian military slaughtering Copts. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta phoned the utterly corrupt and duplicitous beneficiary of our power and money, Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai, to assure him that those responsible would be found and punished for such a “deplorable” act.”  Hey Hillary & Leon – see Allen West’s quote above.

Guys like this never get media coverage:  Final Deployment Update: The Endgame in Afghanistan  “We brought in the New Year around a bonfire—drinking “near beer” (the non-alcoholic version, unfortunately), smoking cigars, and enjoying grilled sausage prepared by our German friends. It was a pleasant evening in the cold Kabul air that I won’t soon forget. I spent a good portion of the evening gazing into the flames, thinking about the year that has been, and what might be in store for 2012. So far, there have been multiple snowfalls in Kabul—making Minnesotans feel right at home.”

What we’re dealing with:  Three Fundamental Mistakes in Dealing with Islam | FrontPage Magazine  “The Muslim world is a gray zone full of alliances written on sand where every principle can be bent at need, but is dominated by a religion that pretends to be morally absolute. This is an inherent contradiction. And like most moral conflicts it is resolved through self-deception. Our absolute standards have no meaning when applied to the Muslim world. They have moral force, but little practical relevance.”

In Other News – the left uses MLK Day to spew racist tripe.  This is un-freakin’ believable!  Some idiot writer for the New York Times, Lee Seigel, wrote the Mitt Romney is “the whitest white man to run for president in recent memory.”    Can you imagine if someone had written that 0bama is the blackest black man to run for president?  John McWhorter: A New York Times Op-Ed That Would Have Appalled Martin Luther King  Then the chair of the Democrat party in South Carolina claimed it was “racially insensitive” for the GOP to have their debate on MLK day:  Romney, GOP attacked for MLK Day debate | Campaign 2012   So let’s see…’s OK to bash whites on MLK day and people shouldn’t debate.  The left is really grasping at straws to win this election.

Eleven More Solyndras????  

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Final Thought:  “When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”  Euripides – Orestes (408 BC)  (Shaka to Bruce)

And:  ‎”Want to outrage a conservative? Pee on the American flag! Want to outrage a liberal? Pee on a dead terrorist.”~Ben Bentley



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