Hump Day Report: Obama’s Attack on the Second Amendment

ALOHA, ALL!  As we prepare for a new year, remember how fragile our freedoms are.  Remember that, as Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  One of our freedoms is the right to bear arms.  Following are a few links that I hope you’ll open.  The first one is an article about the stealth plan by the 0bama administration to weaken – and take away – Second Amendment rights.  (It actually opens a an E-magazine with lots of great embedded videos and links.)  The final link is a video by the late, great patriot, Charlton Heston.  Sure wish we had more like him today.  And there are a couple of other good stories in between…….

Obama’s secret plan to destroy the Second Amendment by 2016:  American Hunter December 2011 (Shaka to raysrope blog)

Emily Gets Her Gun – interesting blog series from the Washington Times about Senior Editor Emily Miller’s quest to buy a gun in DC:  Guns – Washington Times  Can you say “RED TAPE”????

A “Good News” story for a change (and yes it involves guns.)   A War Hero Is Vindicated–Again | FrontPage Magazine  It’s about time!  I’ve “met” Ilario Pantano online and he is a true patriot.  “Seven long years after he allegedly committed “premeditated murder,” Iraq war veteran Ilario Pantano, who gave up a comfortable life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side to fight for his country following the September 11th attacks, has been thoroughly vindicated. Thus ends a saga highlighted by an unconscionable rush to judgement by the military, and the subsequent trashing of Mr. Pantano’s reputation by leftists who never miss an opportunity to denigrate American soldiers based on nothing more than unproven allegations.”  Question:  why aren’t the dirtbags who trumped up these false charges being prosecuted??

“We must tell it, teach it, live it, breathe it.”  

Final Thought:  “If you call yourself a freedom-loving patriot, you can’t shirk your duty to teach America’s young to understand the Second Amendment.”  Charlton Heston


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  1. raysrope says :

    Thank you Giliar!
    You are indeed a Patriot!
    Have a Happy and Wonderful New Year!
    Keep up the Great Work!
    And never let your guard down!

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