Hump Day Report: Kimjongilia and Other Nonsense

Aloha, All!  I know…I said I wasn’t going to post as much the next couple of weeks, but Holy Jingle Bells….so much going on!  My Mom called me a little while ago, laughing uncomfortably.  She and I have the same name (Gilia.)  Guess what?  The late Dear Leader of Korea had flowers named for him using OUR name.  That’s right….the name that I share with my mother has been desecrated.  A Japanese botanist cultivated a Gilia flower into a begonia and named it after Kim Jong Il for his 46th birthday.  Here’s the commemorative song:

The red flowers that are blossoming over our land

Are like hearts: full of love for the leader

Our hearts follow the young buds of Kimjongilia

Oh! The flower of our loyalty!

 Lovely.  Now my life is complete.  Kimjongilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here are some quick links of the latest news:

House Republicans Reject Payroll Tax Cut Deal – (ICYMI:  House Republicans PASSED a one-year extension of the payroll tax cut last week, sent it on to the Senate where Dirty Harry worked his magic and made it a two-month extension instead.  He then had the nerve to leave town for his Christmas vacation.  Barry had the nerve to blame the GOP.  Business as usual for TOTCO – The One They Call Obama.)

Senators, Do Your Job and Get to Work  (Important points:  “…As a reminder, this is the same President who has not met with House Republican leadership in five months and is now praising the grand accomplishment of a Senate that has failed to pass a budget for nearly 1,000 days under Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) direction.”

A Special Poem for Harry Reid, from HDR reader George:

Dear Harry (Grinch) Reid,

I asked Santa for many pipeline jobs and a full year of payroll tax reductions under the Christmas Tree.

Not that I thought Rudolph would ever be able to find his way through the political fog.

Thanks to you and your evil Democrat elves, looks like Christmas will be less than it could be.

Is it true that you have Santa’s sleigh chained to a pomegranate tree somewhere in the wilds of Nevada?

Merry Christmas to you anyway.


U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Pays Homage to Obama—But Not Jesus |

Ron Paul Says Accused Traitor is a Patriot (Sorry….Paul is unfit to be POTUS!)

Biden Says Taliban Are Not Our Enemy  (Paul/Biden 2012?  Slogan:  “There’s no hope in dopes.”)

Pelosi’s Economic Policy Forums Included Husband’s Business Partner  (Aw Nan…..have you drained that swamp yet??)

Video: Eric Holder Refuses to Investigate Obama Voter Fraud | Expose Obama

OK…Can’t resist this one:  

NOTE:  I’ll likely send brief missives like this one for the next couple of weeks when the mood strikes.    Hopefully, no more stories about my name being misused…..


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