Hump Day Report: Let Them Eat Shave Ice

ALOHA, ALL!!  It looks like the 0bama Royal Family has arrived for their Hawaii vacation.  But wait….King Barry isn’t here yet.  He “needed” to stay back in DC a little longer to make sure the payroll tax cut issue got resolved (Really?  What the heck was he gonna do about it??)  Anyhow, Queen Michelle and the two little princesses couldn’t wait for Barry so they headed out by themselves – with Barry to follow shortly after.  Wasteful, much?  Ah, but that’s what royal people do – they spend the peons’ money disregarding cost.  After all, aren’t they due?  Oh yeah…estimated cost for the 0bama adventure this year is $4,135,038.  You can get a lot of shave ice with that much money.   With More Vacation Days and Separate Travel, Price of Obama’s Annual Hawaiian Holiday Rises | Hawaii Reporter

UPDATE:  Maybe Barry won’t be able to come to Hawaii at all.   House Republicans Rebel Against Democrat-Controlled Senate Bill, Want Year-Long Payroll Tax Cut |  “”The president said we shouldn’t be going anywhere without getting our work done,” Boehner said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” referring to President Barack Obama’s oft-repeated promise to postpone his Christmastime trip to Hawaii if the legislation was not finished. “Let’s get our work done, let’s do this for a year.”  Wanna bet Barry gets out of Dodge despite his bluster about getting the job done????

Hey….a hoodie for the hood and all the gangstas in the 0bama administration?  

This makes sense – so it probably won’t happen.  How Can We Replace Today’s Bloated and Inefficient Tax Code? – AskHeritage  “America’s tax code needs reform, plain and simple. The current tax system discourages saving, investment, and entrepreneurship. It’s a drag on productivity, job growth, international competitiveness, and wages. It’s complicated beyond belief, and it needs to change.”

ICYMI:  DOJ Memo: Solicitor General Kagan ‘Substantially Participated’ in Obamacare-Related Case |  “Exactly two months before the Judiciary Committee Republicans asked Kagan these questions, however, her top deputy, Neal Katyal, had written her a memo informing her that she had “substantially participated” in Golden Gate Restaurant Association v. San Francisco—a case that Kagan’s own office tied to Obamacare.”

Barry thinks he’s fourth best.  This didn’t make it into the 60 Minutes interview you saw last week.  Maybe because it makes him sound like… egotistical maniac?  (Shaka to Scott.)  

But he’s Israel’s BFF!  Articles: Scintillating Chutzpah: Obama at Reform Judaism’s Confab   “In a display of scintillating chutzpah, after bidding everybody “Shabbat Shalom,” Obama linked himself to the biblical Joseph — the chief character in this week’s Torah portion. When Joseph’s father Jacob told him to join his brothers in their pasturelands, Obama pointed out, Joseph stepped forward and obediently said one word, “Hineni” – ” Here I am….Obama assured his audience that he also was ready to declare “Hineni” in responding to Israel’s struggles…”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????  DID THE PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE REALLY FALL FOR THIS SHIBAI??? (Hawaiian word)

Time for some NewsBusted:  “Camels don’t have back seats” – LOL!  

Dear Leader is dead – long live Dear Leader.  North Korea mourns dead leader, son hailed as “Great Successor” – Yahoo! News  “Earlier a tearful North Korean television announcer, dressed in black and her voice quavering, said the 69-year old ruler died on Saturday of “physical and mental over-work” on a train on his way to give field guidance — advice dispensed by the “Dear Leader” on trips to factories, farms and the military.”   Here’s how the new Dear Leader mourned his father’s death: Surprise! New Dear Leader conducts missile test « Hot Air

Barry didn’t like this.  Gee, I wonder why??  Lawmakers Offer Bipartisan Plan to Overhaul Medicare | Committee On The Budget  “A Democratic senator, Ron Wyden of Oregon, and a Republican representative, Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, unveiled a bipartisan plan on Wednesday to revamp Medicare and make a fixed federal contribution to the cost of coverage for each beneficiary. The lawmakers aim to reshape the debate over the giant health insurance program by addressing concerns that have provoked fierce opposition to similar ideas in the past.”

Final Thought:  “The right to rise.”  Paul Ryan, describing the concept of economic freedom.  “In freedom lies the risk of failure, but in statism lies the certainty of stagnation.”  Jeb Bush, Wall Street Journal editorial


(HDR Readers:  A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I won’t be sending as many posts in the next couple of weeks….I’ll be celebrating Christmas, and the New Year.  I also have a book to finish!  Enjoy the warmth and beauty of the season.)

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