Hump Day Report: A Very Barry Christmas

ALOHA, ALL!!  You’d think the 0bama administration would have been embarrassed and humbled by the Solyndra fiasco.  Barry himself should have been deeply troubled by wasting so much of the American people’s money on an eco-bomb.  Any ethical President would be.  But not this one.  In fact, it appears Solyndra was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the 0bama administration’s unwavering love for all things green – no matter the cost.  Here’s the latest idiotic scam:   Obama Makes Navy Overpay For Green Jet Fuel –   “…a member of Obama’s presidential transition team, T. J. Glauthier, is a ‘strategic advisor’ at Solazyme, the California company that is selling a portion of the biofuel to the Navy. Glauthier worked — shock, shock — on the energy-sector portion of the 2009 stimulus bill.”  And more shock – Solazyme got $22 million from 0bama’s stimulus.  Ho, ho, ho – Barry sure likes to spread the wealth to his friends with our hard-earned money.

Unreal.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz proves she’s delusional.  DNC Chair Falsely Claims Unemployment Has Not Increased Under Obama |  “Contrary to Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s claims, the unemployment rate rose for the first 10 months of Obama’s presidency, peaking at 10.2 percent before remaining in the high 9 percent range for the majority of 2010. The unemployment rate did decline in November – after hovering around 9 percent for most of the fall – but that was due to a large number of workers giving up on their search for a job, not because the economy was creating a significant amount of new jobs.”

Here’s a good bumper sticker.  Debt Increases Nearly $49K Per Second Under Obama – By Jim Geraghty – The Campaign Spot – National Review Online  “Sounds like a ready-made ad, no? “When Obama’s administration spends* more than $48,000 per second, how can any of us afford four more years?”

Another Barry accomplishment.  Thanks, Obama…Food Stamp Roles Soar to 46.3 Million! « The Stuttering Messiah  “Since the start of the Second Great Depression, food stamp participation has increased by 18.7 million, and is now at an all time higher 46.3 million. All Bush’s fault, or something.”  

IT’S A SCHOOL DAY – DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE LEARNING?  4th-graders brainwashed with Occupy ‘propaganda’  “A Connecticut dad has accused an industry giant in education, Scholastic, of delivering Occupy Wall Street propaganda to his 4th grade daughter in her school classroom.”

Barry claims the GOP-led Congress is “do-nothing.”  You be the judge:  The House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators  Really?  Harry Reid is literally sitting on over two dozen jobs bills.  He’s made “do-nothing” an art form and career.  FYI – it’s been almost 1,000 days since Harry Reid’s Senate passed a budget.

Three Pinocchios.  That’s what the Washington Post gives the White House spin on the GOP payroll tax bill.  Barry says he will veto the bill:  White House budget spin on the House GOP payroll tax bill – The Washington Post  A do-nothing President to match a do-nothing Senate.  Brilliant.

Is Eric Holder a “Seinfeld” fan?  

ICYMI:  Canada pulls out of Kyoto treaty « Hot Air  “How big a deal is this, really? Yes, Canada became the first country to formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, dealing a body blow to the anthropogenic climate-change hysterics movement.”

Final Thought:  “Just so the wealth of the country, its capital, its credit, must be saved from the predatory poor as well as the predatory rich, but above all from the predatory politician.”  James Jerome Hill, 1910



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One response to “Hump Day Report: A Very Barry Christmas”

  1. M. Rethman says :

    Herr Obama has discovered that there is little to stop a rogue president determined to run the country up on Marxist shoals. In lieu of Congress, Obama is using Executive Orders to attain his leftist goals, esp. prevalent via the EPA. Congress is pretty much left with two alternatives: Cut funding (which is happening at EPA) or impeach/remove der Führer.

    As wise as the latter move might be in a responsible nation that’s focused on its future, it’s politically impossible in a nation where the mainsteam media dotes on the target making it easy to misuse the media (if one is a Democrat) to duck responsibility for any transgression or incompetence.

    America is ripe to be fixed… on one hand, Obama wants to castrate it, others (conservatives) want to fix it to thrive via a revival of the Schumpeterian context that once made America great. The 2012 election is crucial to determining if America survives this century or not….

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