Hump Day Report: Jumping The Shark, Biting The Dust

ALOHA ALL!!  Like you, I’ve heard the expression about “jumping the shark” numerous times in the past.  Interesting that it originates from the entertainment industry and initially was meant to describe a TV show that had lost its luster:  Jumping the shark – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Well, it looks like the absurd reality show that is Occupy Wall Street has indeed jumped the shark.  OWS has not only jumped the shark, but has been eaten alive and self-lysed.  Bit the dust.  They tried to shut down Wall Street yesterday, but 200 of them were arrested instead.  What a bunch of idiotic, useless lefties.  In reality, I was hoping the (bowel) movement known as Occupy Wall Street would go  on a bit longer, disrupting everyday life to an even greater degree.  Then Americans would realize that they were either with this group of anarchists or completely against them.  No namby-pamby “I’m not sure” as an option.  Here’s something much more productive than OWS – how about a video of Fonzie really jumping the shark?  Will he make it?  Does Joanie love Chachi?  Does Zuccotti Park smell worse than a New York City subway station?  

More dust biting.  Beacon Power follows Solyndra into bankruptcy « Hot Air  “At the end of last month, I wrote about Beacon Power, a green-tech company that received over a hundred million dollars in taxpayer-backed credit but who teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. Yesterday, Beacon tipped over, filing for protection from its creditors — and potentially taking $43 million in taxpayer dollars with it.”

Meanwhile, back on the newly discovered planet “Buffoonery.” Maxine Waters on Occupy Wall Street | Video |  “For Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the string of deaths and crimes that have occurred across the Occupy movement nationwide is nothing more than “life” and “it happens.” She also said the incidents are merely a “distraction” from the Occupiers’ ultimate goal.”

LOVE this idea!  National Day of “Doing Crap that Actually Matters”  “On Friday, November 18th, call your LOCAL officials and let them know that you no longer want these anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-work, anti-American people keeping you out of YOUR public spaces. No longer do you want them influencing YOUR children. No longer do you want them messing with YOUR country.”

Sure wish it was Cut, Cap & Balance.  GOP House Will Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment That Permits Unlimited Federal Spending   “House Republicans are set to vote later this week on a balanced budget amendment (BBA) that would not cap federal spending as a percentage of GDP or require a supermajority to raise taxes.”  The Blue Dog Democrats are on board:  Blue Dogs break with Dems on balanced-budget amendment –  And it looks like The Heritage Foundation agrees with me – where are the spending cuts?  How Not to Advance a Balanced Budget Amendment

Yes, we need to balance the budget, but we also need a cap on government spending (except for defense – see the Quick Link about China below.)

Thanks to Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers for the graphic!

ICYMI:  $15T Federal Debt Equals $160,545 for Each Full-Time Private-Sector American Worker  “The U.S. Treasury Department reported on Wednesday that as of the close of business on Tuesday the federal government’s debt had exceeded $15 trillion for the first time in the nation’s history–hitting precisely $15,033,607,255,920.32.”  And once again, Paul Ryan ROCKS:  

Aloha Friday Quick Links:

Perry Proposes Part-Time Congress and Eliminating Lifetime Judicial Appointments –  Geez – too bad he’s so incoherent on other issues.  This is REAL reform!

Poor Get Richer, Rich Get Poorer | FrontPage Magazine

Coburn report: Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Quincy Jones, Ted Turner received federal funds – Common American Journal

Obama Decries the ‘Connected’ While His Government Hands Robert Kennedy Jr’s Company $1.4 Billion – Common American Journal  (Obama’s administration handed Kennedy’s company, BrightSource, $1.4 billion in loans. That’s almost three times the amount loaned to Solyndra.)

The Debate Over China  (NOTE:  China has increased its defense budget by double-digits every year over the  past 20 years.  And we’re gutting ours????)

Spec-Ops Command: SEAL raid book ‘a lie’ – Yahoo! News (So now it’s “he said/he said.”  Regardless, Obama is a liar at best and a downright conniving fraud at worst who would not hesitate to throw our troops under the bus if it served his purpose.)

Elena Kagan Must Be Recused In ObamaCare Case – Latest Headlines –  Aw, c’mon!  Her email saying “I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing,” meant her favorite Dancing with the Stars team made it to the next round.

Final Thought:  “I’m not going to waste my time arguing with a man who’s lining up to be a hot lunch.” Hooper (played by Richard Dreyfuss) in “Jaws”



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  1. M. Rethman says :

    Folks won’t pay for unlimited government… a balanced budget amendment is enough, not that we’re likely to see that happen. Also, the young women in the Happy Days video looked cute.

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