Hump Day Report: Obama and Bloomberg *Heart* OWS

Another great image from Kevin Jackson's "The Black Sphere." Do the OWS idiots realize Barry/Barack is a capitalist pig?

ALOHA ALL!!  You think it couldn’t get any weirder with the OWS crowd?  Think again.  It turns out they have connections to Mayor Bloomberg’s significant other – a possible explanation as to why they didn’t need to get a permit to take over Zuccotti Park.  The park is privately owned, a holding of Brookfield Properties, a company co-chaired by John E. Zuccotti, who served as deputy mayor in Abe Beame’s administration. When asked about the protesters’ continued stay at the park, Zuccotti told the New York Times, “My guess is that we basically look to the police leadership and mayor to decide what to do.” We can’t help but wonder if Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s judgment might be a bit clouded. One of the board members of Brookfield Properties is Diana Taylor, the mayor’s longtime companion.  Check out the incestuous chart here:  Muck tracker – Hizzoner’s connection to Zuccotti Park 

And this from Business Insider:   Here’s The Real Reason Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Aren’t Getting Kicked Out Of Zuccotti Park  “Coming on the heels of the Solyndra debacle, the Obama administration has just approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project owned by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). Among its many holdings BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power, which owns the Granite Reliable and it also owns Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include the now famous Zuccotti Park. The Department of Energy finalized the loan guarantee less than a week after Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Zuccotti Park.”

So it looks like the people at Brookfield Asset Management, in exchange for letting their park be used by the protesters, got a $168 million loan guarantee from the regime. But it doesn’t stop there. “The Granite Reliable Power Project under construction in Coos Bay, New Hampshire is the state’s largest wind farm and the New Hampshire Union Leader questions why Brookfield would need federal subsidies at all, particularly following the bankruptcy of Solyndra,” and why is GE getting subsidies when they don’t need the money? “Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement Monday that protesters could remain as long as they liked, also raised a few eyebrows and it turns out he has a personal connection to Brookfield as well. The mayor’s longtime domestic partner Diana Taylor is on the Board of Directors at Brookfield Properties along with John E. Zuccotti himself.”

So you wonder why they don’t need permits? They don’t need permits because the mayor’s compromised, the girlfriend’s compromised, Obama’s compromised, in the middle of all this is a $170 million loan guarantee to Zuccotti’s Granite Reliable wind farm project. And the price for that is letting them use Zuccotti Park.

Things that make you go “HMMMM.”  (Thanks to alert HDR reader Maggi for the story and link.)

More stupidity.  Energy Dept Should Have Sought Legal Opinion on Solyndra Loan, Treasury Official Tells Congress – Common American Journal  “Treasury Department officials said they could not recall another time the government put the interest of private investors in front of those of taxpayers before the loan restructuring for the bankrupt but politically connected solar panel firm Solyndra. Further, one department official told a House panel that the restructuring of the $535 million loan should have been reviewed by the Justice Department.”

Oh no!!  How can he go on??????   Presidential podiums pilfered? « Hot Air  “That’s right, a truck carrying the president’s teleprompter (jokingly referred to as TOTUS, or the teleprompter of the United States), podiums, and audio equipment was stolen in Virginia, WWBT-TV reports. The Department of Defense confirmed the heist, but it’s unclear if the thieves targeted the vehicle for what it contained or simply got “lucky.”

No teleprompters here:  War: Romney and Perry bicker over illegal immigration; Update: Palin grades the debate « Hot Air  “…here’s the closest America has ever come to an actual fistfight breaking out during a debate. (Except for that time Hillary got Obama in a headlock, of course.) So this is what Romney sounds/looks like when he loses his cool, huh?”

I think Harry Belafonte is a racist.  Harry Belafonte Insults Herman Cain—but Hails Fidel Castro  “Harry Belafonte recently denounced Herman Cain as a “bad apple,” a “false Negro” and as someone who was “denied intelligence” and “denied a view of history” (whatever that means). Belafonte said these things on the Joy Behar show, as the host, Behar, snickered her approval of Belafonte’s every vocalization, often before they were decipherable.”

Tanning tax woes.  IRS’s Difficulty Collecting Tanning Tax Is a Troubling Sign  “The difficulty the IRS is having collecting the tanning tax is a worrying harbinger of more trouble to come for Obamacare. Besides collecting all the taxes Obamacare increased, the IRS has to determine if all 300 million Americans have health insurance approved by the Department of Health and Human Services—every month! If the IRS has so much trouble collecting a simple excise tax from a few thousand businesses, how is it going to achieve the exponentially more daunting task of determining if every citizen has government-approved health insurance 12 times a year?”

Wanna bet they don’t say the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance in class?    McAllen Texas Students Forced to Recite Mexican Pledge and National Anthem  “Students in a Texas public high school were made to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance as part of a Spanish class assignment, but the school district maintains there was nothing wrong with the lesson.”

Howard Stern’s take on OWS. (NOTE:  if you don’t like the F word, don’t listen.  It turns out the OWS bots like to use it fairly often.)  

Final Thought:  “People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.” –Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)



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