HDR: Gotta LOL at the OWS Crowd!

ALOHA, ALL!!  I’M BACK!  However, lots more traveling for the next month so my blogging might be haphazard.  But you know I can’t stay silent for long 😉

I wasn’t going to write anymore about the Occupy Wall Street doofusses, but it’s just too good to pass up.  These fools are the epitome of hypocrisy (see link below on the OWS “meltdown star” who just happens to be a Trust Fund Baby) and are about as Astroturf as you can get.  It’s telling that so many in the Democrat Party and the 0bama administration support this outrageous display of narcissism and lawlessness:  Great News: Obama Cabinet Members Now Joining Protests – Common American Journal  And did you know both the Nazi and Communist Parties endorse OWS?  Great news: OWS now endorsed by both Communist and Nazi Parties « Hot Air  I’m sick of the comparisons to the Tea Party…can you imagine if a Tea Party person had done this?

 Or how about this?

(Both photos are from my friend Kevin Jackson's website: The Black Sphere)

So I want to ridicule and slap these idiots at the same time.  They think they represent me????  I don’t think so.  Here’s a great video by Steven Crowder that explains who these people are:  

And more links to describe the OWS raison d’etre:

Video: OWS meltdown star a Columbia grad student … with a trust fund « Hot Air

Articles: America’s Children Come Home to Roost


Gee, wonder why they ignored this????  Big media outlets ignore subpoena of entire top tier of Obama Administration – Common American Journal  “Perhaps the biggest story in the political world since the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Bill Clinton in the 1990s, although the Senate refused to remove him from office, is the fact that this week a subpoena from the House was issued to the entire top tier of the Obama Administration. Yet as of today the big media outlets–ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post–have ignored the story entirely.”

It’s dying a slow death.  Health overhaul law suffers first major casualty – Health – msnbc.com  “The Obama administration’s signature health overhaul law, under relentless assault by Republicans, has suffered its first major casualty — a long-term care insurance plan.”

It’s only been 1,000?  Seems like 10,000.  1,000 Days Under President Obama  “Today marks the 1,000th day of Barack Obama’s presidency, and unfortunately for America, those days have been marked by deeper deficits, lost jobs, prolonged unemployment, and bigger government. Meanwhile, many of those charged with leading the federal government have all but abdicated their responsibilities.”

Who are the REAL “Special Interests?”  Special Interests…EXPOSED!!! – YouTube  (As far as I know, the stats in this report are accurate.  It’s a real eye-opener!  Thanks to Lynne & Tim for the link.)

Final Thought:  “Kill all the rich people, break up their cars and apartments, bring the revolution home…that’s where it’s really at.”  Bill Ayers in the 1960s, explaining the philosophy of the Weather Underground.  Sound like the OWS crowd?



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7 responses to “HDR: Gotta LOL at the OWS Crowd!”

  1. raysrope says :

    “I wasn’t going to write anymore about the Occupy Wall Street doofusses, but it’s just too good to pass up. These fools are the epitome of hypocrisy”. – giliar

    By all means, don’t allow a great opportunity like the OWS to get away without the proper ‘exposure’,

    Which in this case, they so rightly deserve.
    And in all probability the only thing that they deserve.

  2. MikeHawaii says :

    Finally, a balanced budget plan that doesn’t require new taxes or 10-20 years to implement…


    I’m interested in seeing what Romney/Cain/Perry’s plans look like… 🙂

    • giliar says :

      MikeHawaii: get rid of the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior and Education? All fine by me. But what does this mean: “15% reduction in the DoD and all war funding ended.” Like I’ve said numerous times before, I can never support Ron Paul because of his stance on defense.

      • MikeHawaii says :

        War funding is NOT defense… It is wasteful; it kills and maims our soldiers; and it is unconstitutional – not properly authorized by Congress. Either the Constitution is still alive or it is dead. Which one is it?

      • giliar says :

        So what exactly does Ron Paul mean by “war funding”? He’s not at all specific in describing what is appropriate war funding and what is not. So we should NEVER go to war and protect ourselves? Again, why I cannot and will never support him for POTUS.

  3. David says :

    Looks like Obama has a new posterchild……………………………….wearing a backpack!

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