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ALOHA, ALL!!   Poor Barry – everyone’s abandoning him!  Even his new BFF Warren Buffett seems to be contradicting 0bama on what he’d like to see for his namesake tax.  Turns out dear old Warren wants to see a very high income threshold before his “Buffett Tax” kicks in.  This is quite a change from Buffett’s original opining about how the $1 million threshold seemed fair.  Hmmm…..is Warren having second thoughts about supporting his wonder kind now that his poll numbers are in the tank?  Then there’s Dickie Durbin, who says the Democrat controlled Senate doesn’t have the votes to pass Barry’s jobs bill.  Aw – it’s getting lonely at the top.      Abandon ship? Dick Durbin, Warren Buffett change tone on jobs plan – Common American Journal

Then There’s This Guy:    Robert Johnson is the founder of BET, an 0bama supporter and fundraiser.  He and spoke out against the president’s recent rhetoric demonizing the rich in America:  “I’ve earned my success. I’ve earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so. And by attacking me, is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger hit because I happen to be wealthy.”

But The Crap From The Tides Foundation Is OK????  Two FL School Districts Refuse to Distribute Constitution Booklets Donated by 9/12 Project – Common American Journal  “Two Florida school districts won’t be handing out pocket-sized Constitutions to their eighth graders because they were donated by the local 9/12 Project, prompting concerns from school officials about the “opinions and viewpoints” the booklets contain.”

Enter One Very Concerned Mom:    I just received a copy of Marybeth Hicks’ book, “Don’t Let The Kids Drink The Kool-Aid”and am looking forward to reading it….I think.  Not sure I’ll be able to sleep after reading it.

I Guess They Finally Read The Bill.  White House Admits Obamacare Raised Insurance Premiums | The Weekly Standard  “So what about that $2,500 in [insurance] savings the president pledged? White House deputy chief of staff Nancy-Ann DeParle insists families will see that savings — by 2019.”

Another Excellent Resource From The Heritage Foundation!  First Principles | American Founding, Limited Government, Liberty  It contains tons of resources and must-reads and basic answers on core themes:  the American founding, Constitutional government, progressivism and liberalism and more.

It Just Gets Curiouser and Curiouser.    TOP OBAMA FUNDRAISER OK’ED SOLYNDRA LOAN at DickMorris.com  “Who arranged the Solyndra loan? A top Obama fund raiser named Steven J. Spinner who, according to ABC, worked to “pick and select fantastic projects” for DOE to fund. During the campaign, he was responsible for raising at least half a million dollars for Obama. Now, he told associates that he “helped oversee the more than $100 billion of loan guarantee and direct lending authority” for DOE’s green-energy lending program. And what a coincidence! Spinner’s wife, Allison’s law firm Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati got $2.4 million in legal fees to handle the legal work in connection with the Solyndra loan.”

Well, Well, Well.  Partisan Trends – Rasmussen Reports™  “The number of Republicans and Democrats in the country is just about even. In fact, the gap between the parties is the smallest it has ever been in nearly nine years of monthly tracking.”

You Might Be A Racist If (Cont’d):  So, What’s All This “Niggerhead” Brouhaha About? Ah, Activist Journalism. Should Have Known… | All American Blogger  “In the early years of his political career, Rick Perry began hosting fellow lawmakers, friends and supporters at his family’s secluded West Texas hunting camp, a place known by the name painted in block letters across a large, flat rock standing upright at its gated entrance. “Niggerhead,” it read.”  No, Perry didn’t name it that – be sure to read this story and how Herman Cain was baited into the discussion the smear Rick Perry.

Final Thought:  “Why be fake? In the end, the truth comes out and when that happens, you’re standing alone.” Unknown



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