HDR 200: 200? Wow!

Shout Out To Antonio Branco (Freedom's Battle) on this 200th HDR For Letting Me Use His Great Art!!!

ALOHA, ALL!!!  Today’s HDR is a milestone – number 200!  It seems like just yesterday that I started penning my thoughts, first in an email blast and now a blog.  Hmm…I wonder how many  times I’ve been turned into 0bama’s AttackWatch goons?  Yet y’all keep on reading!!!  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  We have a common goal:  to turn this country around so we’re facing in the right direction again.

Not surprising, I’m traveling (again) today so this edition will be a series of “Quick Links” starting off with one of my faves…Dirty Harry Reid.

How Harry Reid Manufactured a Crisis Over Disaster Aid  “Listening to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) or reading The New York Times yesterday gave the impression that disaster relief victims were suffering from a lack of government aid.  “Without additional funding,” Reid warned, “thousands of people who have lost literally everything they owned will be forced to go without food and shelter….So the agenda of the tax-and-spend crowd is now clear. President Obama created the problem by overusing FEMA on disasters a record 222 times so far this year where federal aid was not essential. Then liberals manufactured a crisis and exploited disaster relief victims in order to keep expanding the size of government. What’s worse is that the some members of the media played along with it.”

Why the DOJ Gave Up Its Delaying Tactics in the Obamacare Litigation  “It’s certainly possible that the Administration really believes its troubling legal theory that Congress can regulate practically anything, as long as some chaos-theory connection can be found between the desired government regulation and something in commerce—which means everything. But there are several other factors that made further government delay untenable.”

GOP lawmaker demands independent probe into Solyndra – The Hill’s E2-Wire  “A Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is calling on the White House to appoint an independent investigator to examine the administration’s decision to approve a $535 million loan guarantee for a now-bankrupt solar company. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) said the Obama administration should have quickly appointed a special investigator to look into Solyndra, the failed California-based solar-panel manufacturer, after the company announced late last month it would file for bankruptcy and lay off 1,100 workers.”

‘Obama money’: Thought it couldn’t get any worse than Solyndra? – Common American Journal  “President Obama’s nominee for Commerce secretary served as chairman of the board of a solar energy company that recently received a $1.37 billion federal loan guarantee – the largest the Department of Energy has ever given for a solar power project.  Now that company, BrightSource Energy, is to build the world’s largest solar power plant amid concerns such ventures may be too risky an investment for the federal government.  In June, BrightSource Chairman John Bryson was nominated by Obama to head the Commerce Department.”

Solyndra’s Creditors Include California Democratic Party | Fox News  “Among the roughly 5,000 creditors named by Solyndra, a bankrupt solar energy company that is under investigation for losing a half billion dollars in federal loans, is the California Democratic Party, which says it doesn’t know why.”

Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business | LifeNews.com  “A Congressional committee has taken the first steps in investigating the Planned Parenthood abortion business over abuses ranging from financial disparities to its compliance with federal regulations on taxpayer funding to concerns that it is covering up cases of sex trafficking.”

How About A Little Humor?  (From The Patriot Post):

Obama at the Bank

Barack Obama walks into the bank to cash a check. “Good morning, Ma’am,” he greets the cashier, “could you please cash this check for me?”

“It would be my pleasure, sir. Could you please show me your ID?”

“Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn’t think there was any need to. I am President Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America!”

“Yes, sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations, monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers, etc, I must insist on seeing ID.”

“Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am.”

“I am sorry Mr. President but these are the bank rules and I must follow them.”

“I am urging you please to cash this check.”

“Ok, this is what we can do Mr. President: One day Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putting iron and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his check. Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racquet and made a fabulous shot, making the tennis ball land in my cup. With that spectacular shot we cashed his check. So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the president of the United States?”

Obama stands there thinking and finally says, “Honestly, there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can’t think of a single thing I’m good at.”

“Will that be large or small bills, Mr. President?”

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4 responses to “HDR 200: 200? Wow!”

  1. David says :

    States’ Rights is the new clarion call from the left. Back to the Civil War?!?!?!?!?! Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,which is it? Was the war over slavery or over states’ rights? Is the revolt against Obamacare wrong because the states want to remain sovereign? Is the 10th Amendment dead? I think the rash of circular, disjointed arguments coming from the left over the challenges to Obama’s policies are an obvious sign of widespread panic in their ranks at the realization that ‘the King has no clothes!’

    By the way, the cartoonists are having a field day with the POTUS and his appendages.

  2. Charlie says :

    Congratulations & Kudos on the 200th! Keep up the great work! Charlie

  3. mrethman says :

    It’s possible that even O-blame-o’s team realizes what a loser O-Care is a poor way to attempt what needs doing, namely finding a way to better control gov’t outlays for health care.

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