HDR 194: Spinning the New York Win

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ALOHA, ALL!!  The media are all abuzz today with the Republican win in NY9.  But some are trying to downplay it…calling it a local issue and insisting that it’s not a harbinger of things to come for Barack Obama in 2012.  Really?  That’s OK – keep your heads buried in the sand.  But the most ridiculous spin came from my new favorite nitwit, Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  Ridiculous NY-09 spin: “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats” « Hot Air  Are you kidding me??????  A Republican has not held that seat since 1923.  This is the district that spawned Gerladien Ferraro, Chuckie Schumer and of course, Anthony Weiner.  Debbie, I’m so glad you’re Chair of the DNC – your outrageous and extremist thinking assure a GOP sweep in 2012.

Here’s the Brits’ Take on the NY Election:  BBC News – New York election: What does defeat mean for Obama?  (Thanks to Steve for the link.)

A Tale of Two Pictures.  Both of these were taken at Ground Zero on Sunday.  No caption or explanation needed.Solyndra and the White House – Very Cozy!  Emails: Obama White House Monitored Huge Loan to ‘Connected’ Firm – ABC News  “As federal authorities examine whether Solyndra misled the government about its true financial state, the Obama White House is fielding fresh questions over why it pushed so hard for Solyndra.”  NOTE – THIS IS FROM ABC NEWS!!!

Say What????  The internet is abuzz with this clip of Queen Michelle – can you read her lips?  What did she say?   I’m not a lip reader, but some think she’s saying “All that for folding a flag?”  Then Barry nods in agreement.  I’ve had it with these elitist poseurs!

Another Court Strikes Down Obamacare.  Another Loss for Obamacare  “This afternoon, the District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania became the latest court to strike down the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (Obamacare) individual mandate, holding that “[t]he power to regulate interstate commerce does not subsume the power to dictate a lifetime financial commitment to health insurance coverage.”

This Guy Must Be a Racist.  BACON: Good intentions bring terrible results – Washington Times  “The do-gooders have all the best of intentions, of course. They just don’t pay attention to results. In the name of compassion, they keep blacks hooked on initiative-sapping welfare dependency. In the name of building the American dream, they promote homeownership for people who lack the financial wherewithal to keep up payments. In the name of equal opportunity, they dispense college loans to people who will never graduate. Lord, deliver us from those who would save us.”  (Thanks to hubby for the link.)

Drill Here – Drill Now!  Oil Industry Could Generate Over 1 Million Jobs by 2030, Report Says | CNSnews.com  “If the full potential of domestic oil and gas production could be achieved while also increasing imports of Canadian oil, all of America’s liquid fuels could come from secure North American sources within 15 years.”

The TSA, 10 Years Later.  TSA Is A ‘Complete Fiasco’ Says Congressman Who Wrote Legislation Creating The Agency – Common American Journal  “The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

Love This From The Patriot Post!  

Final Thought:  “Humble people don’t think less of themselves … they just think of themselves less.” -Norman Vincent Peale



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