HDR 193: What Do Obama and Madoff Have in Common?

ALOHA, ALL!!  What’s a Ponzi scheme?  The liberal press and pundits are choking on their self-righteous saliva about how Rick Perry keeps calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme.  Guess what?  He’s right.  Here’s a basic characteristic os a Ponzi scheme:  A fraudulent investment plan in which the investments of later investors are used to pay earlier investors.  Sure sounds like social security to me – Bernie Madoff would be proud.  How many of you younger than 65 actually think you’ll get what you paid into social security?  If you do, then vote for 0bama in 2012 because you’re about as gullible as you can get.  Perry defended his stance in an editorial in USA Today:    Perry Op-Ed: I’m ‘Honest’ About Social Security

More Ponzi-ness.  Obama the new Ponzi… | The Black Sphere  Kevin Jackson is a Facebook friend of mine. He’s got some great one-liners in this article:  “Obama reminded us that he is the exquisite showman minus the show.” And “Obama is a blind-folded man riding a unicycle on the rim of an active volcano wondering where the heat is coming from.”  You gotta read this one!

This is Your Brain Stuck on Stupid…Perpetually.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz: It’s ‘Baloney’ to Say Stimulus Didn’t Work | CNSnews.com  Thank you, Debbie!  When Nancy Nitwit lost her visible position as Speaker of the House, I wondered who the next nitwit would be.  You are a wealth of material – the gift that keeps on giving!!!!

DUH!  Dems starting to think Obama could lose « Hot Air  “The only question remaining will be whether they will watch as Obama drags down Democrats into massive losses in November 2012, or whether they can convince him to step aside so that they can salvage what they can with a different Democratic nominee at the top of the ticket.”

HDR Readers are very alert!  Several of you wrote to me about Barry’s gaffe during his big jobs speech:    No, Lincoln was not a founder of the Republican Party.  I read that this line was “off-teleprompter” so Barry once again puts his foot in his mouth when he goes rogue and doesn’t read what TOTUS tells him to read.  So much for this brilliant person who thinks there are 57 states and we have “corpse” men in the military.  (As an aside….LOVE the looks on Biden’s & Boehner’s faces in this clip!!)  Several of you also sent me this link:    Blog: PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe  And we contribute tax dollars to this so-called news outlet.

PASS THIS BILL NOW!  Obama Said to Send Congress Jobs Legislation Tomorrow  “Obama is planning an announcement in the White House Rose Garden tomorrow at which he’ll again urge quick passage of the proposal and will send the legislation to lawmakers in the evening…”  The bill went to Congress Monday – Typical Barry tactics:  send it late in the day when everyone is tired.  I’m surprised he didn’t wait until Friday.  Of course, still no insight on how it’s paid for.

A Possible Earthquake in New York?   New York Special Election Could Spell Trouble for Obama – US News and World Report  “If the Republicans do pick up the seat, it could signal that despite Democrats’ efforts to change the national conversation, public confidence in President Obama is continuing to pull the party down.”  This is Weiner’s old seat – A Republican has not held that seat since 1923.

Progress in That State Up North.  Michigan Takes on Welfare Reform  “In the national effort to overcome dependence on government, Michigan has just moved one step forward toward ensuring that welfare promotes self-reliance.  On Tuesday, Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed legislation to place a four-year time limit on cash assistance benefits for welfare recipients.”  (Editor’s Note:  A true Buckeye can never say the name of that state, but refers to it as TSUN.)

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO GLENN BECK?  Glenn Beck TV Launches Today, Already Bigger Than Oprah’s Network  “Glenn Beck launches his much awaited Internet-based program today on his GBTV network and The Wall Street Journal notes that the early subscriber numbers point to a potentially lucrative payout for the former Fox News host.”  UPDATE:  I just saw Beck on O’Reilly’s show – I sure wish Bill would stop stealing my material.  Plus, they were talking about Ponzi schemes!  Geez…..I guess great minds think alike 😉

Finally, At Least One Person on the “Super Committee” Has Some Guts.  Editorial: Gutting Defense Won’t Solve Debt Crisis – Investors.com  “Firing a shot across the committee’s bow was Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., who announced to a conservative group Thursday, “I’m off the committee if we’re going to talk about further defense cuts.”

Final Thought:  “A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.”  Demosthenes



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8 responses to “HDR 193: What Do Obama and Madoff Have in Common?”

  1. MikeHawaii says :

    Speaking Truth About Vaccination
    “The Syringe of Death”: Coming Soon to a Police Station Near You

    Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation The Voice of Global Health FreedomTM http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org http://www.GlobalhealthFreedom.org
    © 2005, 2009 [For updates, see the Notes at the bottom of this essay and also see the Natural Solutions Foundation
    Vaccination Information Portal: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3085 ]

    This essay exposes four “Cold Hard Facts” –

    Cold, Hard Fact # 1: Vaccines are not safe: vaccines are dangerous. They are not even tested for safety.

    Cold, Hard Fact # 2: Vaccines have not eradicated diseases: vaccines spread diseases.

    Cold, Hard Fact # 3: Flu vaccines do not protect people from flu-related deaths.

    Cold, Hard Fact # 4: Potential pandemic viral diseases like the Avian Flu do not have safe and effective vaccines to prevent them and there are no drugs to treat them effectively– but good nutrition and natural remedies are useful.

    [This essay was written in the context of Congressional passage of some of the earliest “pandemic emergency” laws.]


    • giliar says :

      OK, MikeHawaii – you’ve sent me several other long posts about the dangers of vaccines but I think this one sums up all your concerns. Vaccines are not perfect – no one said they were. However, I find it astounding that you would post that “vaccines have not eradicated diseases.” Have you heard of polio? How about tetanus? Then there’s a small virus called Hepatitis. Vaccines have absolutely eradicated diseases (polio & tetanus) and have protected individuals from other illnesses (Hepatitis). And your “Cold Hard Fact #3” is a straw man argument. Once individuals actually contract the flu, no vaccine will prevent deaths…you see how this “fact” is pure spin? I know you probably just copied and pasted all these “facts” but you need to understand the agenda here – the natural agenda. Yes, they have one, too. And I’ll tell you that I’d rather have a flu vaccine than use some type of natural remedy to protect me from it.

      I’m done going down this rabbit hole with you.

  2. mrethman says :

    Of course SS is a Ponzi scheme. But the hallmark of progressives is to call others names (like those racist tea party people) when inaccurate and recoil when someone uses a name to describe them or what they are doing, even when the term is 100% accurate, as it is in this case.

    Looks like Cousin Maura is doing well up in TSUN. Can’t keep that girl down!

  3. MikeHawaii says :

    As the Hump Day Report has the same censorship guidelines as the mainstream media, there’s obviously no reason to try to have an open discussion about issues in the venue.

    As you consider yourself a proud conservative, it’s clear that conservatives only want to hear their perception of truth and are just as close-minded as the so-called Left that they purport to oppose.

    Individual freedom and free expression of ideas are apparently not welcome at the Hump Day Report, so I guess I’ll stop wasting my time. Only people who are afraid of the truth censor and control the discussion. You have shown your cards. The right-left paradigm has you trapped and you don’t even realize it … Then again, maybe you do…

    I’m sorry to have bothered you over the past several weeks. You can count me as one less reader because of your unwillingness to let opposing views be represented at your blog. I trust you’ll continue to enjoy your echo chamber.

    • giliar says :

      Note to HDR Readers: MikeHawaii is a 9/11 Truther who wanted me to post various links and sites supporting the preposterous theory that 9/11 was an inside job – in other words, our government condoned and planned it. Sorry, Mike – I will post information that is reasonable and factual, even if I don’t agree with it. But I won’t tolerate “Truthers.” We live in a free country, so you have the option to start your own blog and promote such drivel. I’m exercising my freedom of speech by not allowing it on my blog. Aloha to you – go spread your ridiculous theories elsewhere.

      • MikeHawaii says :

        This is an important health freedom update from Mike Adams. If you believe in your health freedom, and you believe that forced vaccinations of children have gone too far, then you need to know the real story about
        what’s happening in Texas right now.

        On Friday, Feb. 2, Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order that bypassed the will of the people and the entire Texas legislature, mandating the vaccination of young girls with the HPV vaccine sold by Merck — the same drug company that reportedly gave thousands to Perry’s campaign efforts. The vaccine is absolutely worthless as a medical treatment according to top docs in the alternative health field, and in my opinion, the so-called “science” supporting the vaccine as the only prevention for cervical cancer is an outright fraud.

        But the story gets even more interesting when you start connecting the dots. A key Merck lobbyist, a man named Mike Toomey, actually served as the governor’s chief of staff. In other words, a former top power person for the governor now works for Merck, the drug company that gave money to the campaign of the governor who essentially used dictatorial power to mandate, without any public debate whatsoever, the mass vaccination of young girls with a drug that will earn tens of millions of dollars in profits for Merck. Sound suspicious? It should.

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/021572.html#ixzz1XxHAq35d

      • giliar says :

        Aloha, MikeHawaii – looks like you missed the debate the other night. Perry admitted this was a mistake and that he would not do this again if given the chance. FYI….it never made it past the Texas legislature and did not go into effect. Also FYI…Merck gave Perry a $5,000 campaign donation – small potatoes considering how much money a typical campaign generates (millions of $$$). As for condemning the science behind the vaccine, I have no doubt there those (especially in the natural/alternative medicine arena) who will find fault and problems with it. On the other hand, there is science to support the benefits of the vaccine. If you know anything about how drugs are brought to market, there is NO WAY they become widely distributed products without rigorous FDA and other trials (interesting to note: products in the “natural” realm don’t go through this process.) Bottom line: Perry made a mistake and admitted it. Did he have a sinister motive? I doubt it – he likely thought it would benefit people (just like flu, polio, hepatitis and myriad of other vaccines help people.) And if you want to get into a discussion of science, you’ll find articles on both sides of ANY issue. Frankly, I’m more worried about Ron Paul’s outrageous military and self-defense ideas.

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