September 11 – Ten Years After

Sunrise Over Lower Manhattan - July 28, 2001

“We shall never forget.”  You saw these signs posted everywhere after the terrorist attacks in 2001.  Is that really true?  Will we never forget?  In some ways, we already have.  While it’s healthy to move on with our lives, the basic sentiment of “never forgetting” is important.  We need to remember who did this to us.  We need to remain vigilant.  We need to honor those who have lost their lives, not just on that day, but subsequently in this ongoing War on Terror – a war that will last our lifetimes.  You can bet our enemies will remember, and will try to attack us again…and again…and again.

In his important pamphlet, 9-11 Ten Years Later, Marc Thiessen asks the critical questions. Are we still safe? Are the important safeguards that the Bush administration put in place after the attack still there to keep us safe? Has President Obama made us more vulnerable to another attack?  9/11 Ten Years After | FrontPage Magazine

The 9/11 anniversary obliges us to consider the changes that have been thrust upon us since that terrible Tuesday morning. Most pixels, ink and airtime are being devoted to how 9/11 and its consequences affected our greatest city, our politics and freedoms, our international standing and self-perception, our view of the world—and understandably so. But 9/11 also left a lasting mark on the everyday stuff of Americana, especially television and movies.  Post-9/11 Americana | FrontPage Magazine

It has taken nearly ten years, but the real story of Iran’s direct, material involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy is finally coming to light. And it’s being revealed not by the U.S. government or by Congressional investigators but by private attorneys representing families of the 9/11 victims in U.S. District Court.  Iran’s Dirty 9/11 Secrets | FrontPage Magazine

Fly The Flag!!  Remember how the American flag was on nearly every house and building?  Why isn’t it that way EVERY day?  Flag 9/11: Remembering September 11 | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation

Finally, watch this video, if you truly believe the words “WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!”    CHECK OUT THIS SITE:  The United West – Uniting The West To Defeat Shariah Islam



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  1. Diana says :

    Totally agree, Jill. I was raised in Israel, when remembering and serving as a witness to the challenges of the Jewish people was an integral part of life and of being a patriot. This is why the holocaust remains a live memory, close to seven decades later. Thank you for this post and for having your voice out there 🙂

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