HDR 190: Happy Labor Day, Unhappy Labor Numbers

ALOHA, ALL!!  As we get ready to celebrate Labor Day weekend, how about some news on labor & jobs?  Actually, it’s not news, it’s the same old bad stuff, trending downward.  ZERO jobs were created in August.  This is the first time since 1945 that we’ve had a month of zero jobs growth.    Yep….nada, none, zilch.  Today, The Heritage Foundation had a great overview of the current job situation:  Unemployment Rate Stuck, Zero New Jobs in America  Barry sees the writing on the wall – if these numbers continue, he’s toast.  Actually, if there isn’t a big improvement in the unemployment and job growth numbers, he should be toast (but remember….he’ll have a billion dollars, the bully pulpit and million $$ busses to tour America for his re-election effort.  Well, he’ll fly to the busses and then get on them for a couple of miles to look like one of “the people.”)  So today, in a completely political move, he decided  to pull back on planned EPA regulations.  Completely political because he could have done this months ago, but did it today after hearing the dismal job numbers:    Obama Administration Abandons Plan to Tighten Air-Quality Rules – NYTimes.com  Hey Barry – enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  Maybe you should head back to the Vineyard and just stay there.

The Heritage Foundation Slideshow of Unemployment in America.  Be sure to click on this link!  A real eye-opener.

This sure makes sense:  Unreal: 47% of People Hired With Stimulus Funds Were Already Employed | All American Blogger  Almost half the time someone was hired with Stimulus funds, they weren’t unemployed. They were simply switching jobs.

Aloha Friday Links:

Saving the Postal Service   On Thursday, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, launched SavingThePostalService.com, an interactive portal filled with information, resources and videos on the United States Postal Service and its dire financial situation. The website also features the Postal Reform App, which offers visitors a chance to review the facts and indicate which solutions to address the Postal Service’s challenges they prefer.

Allen West Considers Quitting Congressional Black Caucus | Video | TheBlaze.com  Rep. Allen West, the no-nonsense GOP congressman from Florida, said he’s considering dropping out of the Congressional Black Caucus after hearing audio of vitriolic, anti-Tea Party language exposed in a Blaze video Tuesday.

New tone: I stand by my remarks about tea-party racists, says Andre Carson « Hot Air  He didn’t mean all tea partiers, silly. He meant a nameless, faceless “some,” much as Obama insisted repeatedly during his bus tour that there are “some” in Congress who care more about party than country without ever getting around to identifying them.  (Sidenote – Carson is a Muslim and is supported by none other than Louis Farrakhan:  The Big Lie: Farrakhan-backed Islamist Indiana Rep. Andre Carson foments violence using Alinsky-style propaganda against the Tea Party – Common American Journal)

The Fast and Furious Scandal Continues  A U.S. government gun-trafficking investigation gone horribly wrong has resulted in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol officer, some 2,000 firearms in the hands of criminals, and the dismissal of a 24-year veteran law enforcement official. This is the story of Fast and Furious, and yesterday the latest chapter unfolded when two top officials associated with the operation were removed from their positions, while a third individual resigned.

Politically Connected Solar Firm Goes Under Despite Federal Support  The Energy Department bypassed its normal vetting procedures in awarding Solyndra a $535 million loan guarantee in early 2009, the Center for Public Integrity reported in May. Now, the company’s bankruptcy may stick taxpayers with the bill for that loan….George Kaiser, one of Solyndra’s top investors, raised about $50,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign.

How About An Aloha Friday Video?  

Final Thought:  “[T]he problem to be solved is, not what form of Government is perfect, but which of the forms is least imperfect.” –James Madison



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