HDR 185: Why Libya Matters – Now More Than Ever

Gaddafi in 1969 at age 27 - he had just ousted libyan King Idris. To say he didn't age well is an understatement!

ALOHA, ALL!!  While Barry is basking in the Martha’s Vineyard sunshine and the news of Gaddafi’s apparent fall, he can’t claim “mission accomplished” yet.  Of course, his fans are giving him high praise for helping oust Gaddafi without putting American boots on the ground (remember….this was a “Kinetic Military Action” and not a war.)  On the other hand assuming that Gaddafi is indeed gone, the truly difficult phase is ahead.  (UPDATE:  FOX NEWS REPORTS THAT GADDAFI’S SON IS ALIVE AND WELL.)  Mike Rogers (R – MI) was interviewed by Brett Baier today – Rogers is Chair of the House Select Intelligence Committee.  His insightful comments explain why we should be worried about the next phase in Libya.  Call me crazy, but why do I think Barry is not up to the task?

The Brett Baier Interview With Rep Rogers:  Rep. Mike Rogers on What’s Next for Libya – Fox News Video – FoxNews.com

LA Times Article on Rogers:  Rep. Mike Rogers warns of Libyan weapons – latimes.com

Could “Two and a Half Men” Be Gaddafi’s Next Gig?  He could play the half-man:  

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Final Thought:  “Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, & dies with chaos.”  Will Durant

HEY HDR READERS:  This quote was sent to me by loyal HDR reader Jan.  She had a great idea:  send me your favorite quote and I’ll use it in a future issue of the HDR.  Subject to appropriateness, of course 😉


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5 responses to “HDR 185: Why Libya Matters – Now More Than Ever”

  1. Lee says :

    To follow this issue, one must keep in mind the different perspectives in American politics of just what Libya is. To patriots, it’s an evil enemy of our country which needs to be dealt with strongly. To Leftists (and Paultards, probably), it’s a righteous enemy of the imperialistic America. To Teabrainers, it’s a female body part.

    • giliar says :

      So if I’m a “Teabrainer” and know that Libya is not a female body part, how do I fit into your neat little categorization?

      • Lee says :

        Who said you were a Teabrainer? Even as not all feminists are “feminazis” (at least, not while Limbaugh still used the term), not all Tea Party adherents are what I term “Teabrainers.”

        A Teabrainer is someone who lacks understanding of the very basic elements of an issue, then–in some sort of vague association with the Tea Party movement–talks about it anyway. TPM consists largely of grassroots, common-folk conservatives. Statistically they are less likely to have any sort of college (not counting the cosmetology kind) than their liberal counterparts. And the ones that do are highly unlikely to have studied any sort of social science. Lawyers would be an exception, but most of them focused on money-making areas like real estate or business, and really know nothing about the Constitution or the functioning of any government matter not strictly within their field. (Christian conservative constitutional lawyers–the ACLJ/Regent University type are notable exceptions to that.)

        Yet they form Tea Party groups, and then stand up and TALK! Or write. Or in some way attempt to explain to others how things should be, even though they really don’t understand the matters themselves. They can know their career area very well. They can know how to “plow a field all day long [and] catch catfish from dusk till dawn.” They can even who won every Daytona 500 in the history of the race (and also have the sense to hate Jeff Gordon just because he’s Jeff Gordon). But those things are generally of little use in the political arena, which is where the Tea Party operates.

        Examples, both economic and non-economic, of matters commonly screwed up by Teabrainers include the difference between “Left” and “Right” in political science, “14th Amendment incorporation,” and the history of American historical documents. A statement one might expect a pro-lifer with a Teabrainer mentality on the subject would be, “Congress violated the Constitution’s provision that ‘all men are created equal’ when it passed that Roe V. Wade law, even though the Founding Fathers put ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance,” and then wonder what Ms. Roe Wade’s middle name was, beginning with a “V” as it does. Obviously there are so many errors in that statement as to make it nearly as laughable as the jokes to be made about possible middle names for a slut who got knocked up and then decided to murder her baby. But I’ve know Tea Party-types who would completely buy into that sentence.

        Liberals activists, on the other hand, tend to be more educated generally (except for Blacks, but we can’t say that). They will certainly know more about the issues. That is because for liberals, their politics is their religion. It’s not just in their life. For the activist, it IS their life. Being as they are the challengers of the status quo (you have to understand the “Left-Right” spectrum to understand that), they learn about these matters, even if they do not personally profit from it. Give them credit–they “care”.

        Non-Tea Party types of a moderate streak will also tend to know more. Karl Rove made a huge boneheaded mistake during the Bush-43 administration by not countering the “Bush lied, kids died” line–as he now admits–but give the man credit. He know politics. He knows Washington. He also knows the Austrian School of economics. Tea Partiers, and especially the ones I’m calling “Teabrainers,” would likely hear of that and the names associated with it, and yell, “Nazi!” (That actually happened with one Tea Party adherent I mentioned the issue to. I can say more on that matter in a future comment.) He’s a lot of things, but he’s not a Teabrainer.

        Let me leave you with this: Over a decade ago, I was a regular church attender. The church I’d attended for years consisted of nice people who knew their faith, but with whom I found myself more and more on the outs with over doctrinal and church-cultural matters. So I respectfully left and went to another church of the same basic theology, but a different denomination. There I found people at least as nice and with more doctrinal commonality. However, the people there were, as I described to a friend in my previous affiliation, “dumb.” Thety really didn’t have much depth of understanding. I’d give sermonettes using historical and scholarly research, and I could tell it was beyond them. They knew what they believed, and they had their scripture citations memorized, but they really didn’t understand. They’d probably know what a Strong’s concordance was, but know nothing of Spiros Zodhiates’ works. They were just “dumb.”

        Yet, my last several years attending church (I finally left over disagreements with the basic theology), I was certainly happiest in that last one. They were good people with sincere beliefs, and beliefs far more beneficial to people than in my previous adult affiliations. Likewise the Tea Party. Aside from the rising tide of Teabrainery and utter non-patriotism on foreign affairs/defense matters, I am far more at home with them on issues of the day than with most liberals or Mitt Romney types.

        So please take my shots at “Teabrainers” for what they are–Foxworthy-esque comments on a weakness in their approach. Education is not bad. Knowing things is not bad. Spelling “didn’t” right is not bad. We are all ignorant of one thing or another. But most of us don’t try to talk about those things. Rather, we let others who know about them do thing thinking and talking, while we study up on the matters. If we don’t know the first thing about a topic, we don’t stake out positions on it until we’ve at least done a google and wiki check. That is my point.

        So, Teabrainers out there, learn the facts. Read. Listen. Become a scholar of sorts. Learn about things. Get the basics down before personally speaking out. And in the meantime, support those who do know these things, and with whom you agree in principle, and aid them in furthering “the cause.” There’s need for everybody on our side to work. We just need to focus our working on what we know and can do.

      • giliar says :

        But I don’t like Jeff Gordon either – Jimmy Johnson all the way 😉

      • Lee says :

        Also, as for the blanket label, remember back in the ’80s when we said, “The Russians.” Not all “Russians” were Russian. Some were Georgian (that is, part of the Soviet republic, not the American state), some were Belorussian (now Belarusian), some were Moldavian/Moldovan (yes, where the “Dynasy” cast was attacked), etc. But “Russian” was the generic term, because it was a Russian-dominated “Soviet Union,” aka “Soviet Russia,” and so we say, “The Russians invaded Afghanistan” (more properly, the Soviet Union did it). Or, “Stalin was a Russian” (he was ethnically Georgian, but being born in the Russian Empire, he was also “Russian”). Or, “The Russians gave us the Hot For Words chick” (actually she really is literally Russian, but I needed a hot punchline).

        Similarly, if I use the term, “Teabrainers” in such a general manner, it’s to reflect what is, in my assessment, the dominant mentality of the Tea Party movement. If I am in error in my assessment, I look forward to seeing that the image of anti-intellectualism, factual ignorance, and the replacement of academics with, “Well, I jes’ kinda think…” I’ve discerned is in fact as devoid of reality as that pro-lifer sentence before.

        Believe me, it would make my day.

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