Another Obama Epic Fail: He Finally Calls For Assad To Resign

"Hey Assad - I'm Kickin' You To The Curb!"

I guess Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama decided he needed to do something before taking his plush Martha’s Vineyard vacation. After all, we have to wait until September to hear about his jobs plan (hasn’t he been in office for over 2 1/2 years? Didn’t he say jobs were his first priority over two years ago? I’m digressing again.) Anyhow, so Barry saw that his poll numbers on the economy are in the ditch (26% approve, 71% disapprove) and probably thought he needed to take bold action on something….anything. Hence today’s announcement – 156 days after the start of Syrian protests and brutal actions by Assad’s government – that Assad should resign.   Oh yeah, and sanctions are coming.  I’m sure Assad is quaking in his designer boots:


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