Obama “Listening” Tour: We Pay, He Campaigns

Isn’t it just ducky that Barry can take a three-state tour through the midwest on our dime? He’s supposed to be listening to people’s concerns…instead, they are listening to him blame Republicans and talk about how great he is. And we’re paying for it…every last bit. Check out this link with video of obamaBus breezing through town: http://www.uncoverage.net/2011/08/local-citizens-are-shocked-at-size-of-obamas-hugetaxpayer-funded-bus-entourage/ Let me know if you spot any American flags.



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4 responses to “Obama “Listening” Tour: We Pay, He Campaigns”

  1. Linda says :

    Wow! Quite the entourage. I don’t think movie stars or performers have such a large entourage! Didn’t see one flag. Don’t Presidents usually have at least one flag on the car but I guess this case buses?

    • giliar says :

      I know, Linda….and here’s the best part: those super-expensive busses were made especially for Barry CANADA! Obama Talking About Jobs While Riding Made-in-Canada Bus So let’s see….his “Job’s Czar,” Jeff Immelt of GE moves his x-ray business to China while Barry can’t even get his hot-shot busses made in the U.S. More Dopey Hope Changey stuff. Oh yeah….no American flags on the busses or cars – maybe they should use Canadian ones instead.

  2. mrethman says :

    What a crock… using USAF#1 might be more expensive to the taxpayer, but it’s just flat wrong to have the gov’t pay all the cost of the obamaBus instead of most of it coming from the billion $$ he’s said to be raising to help assure we get another four years of Marxist “change you can believe in.”

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