Obama Speaks, America Yawns

I just heard Barry’s address concerning the downgrade of our credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. Guess what? He continued with the blame game. Nothing new or of substance. He blamed “political gridlock,” he blamed world events, he insinuated that no “agency” could downgrade the U.S. Blah, blah, blah. Hey Barry – IT’S THE SPENDING, STUPID!!! https://mail.google.com/mail/?nsr=1&shva=1#inbox/131a9e429b1c1699

Oh yeah….while Barry was speaking the Dow dipped below 11,000 for the first time since October 2010. Maybe he should just go play golf and continue his re-election tour & fundraising marathon. November 2012 can’t come soon enough!!!


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  1. Lee says :

    Exactly, Gilia. I’m right almost all the time!

  2. MikeHawaii says :

    Lost in all the hype is the most important issue – the Super Congressional Committee. In plain view, the Congress of the United States amended the Constitution of the United States without ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures, as required by the Constitution.

    Congress has, in effect, created a 13-person committee (6 from the House and 6 from the Senate, plus the President, who has veto power) to introduce bills in the House and Senate which can not be amended. Members of the House and Senate must vote “yes” or “no” without the option to modify AND if they vote down any bill, the Gang of 13 has the power to implement the bill as if it was approved, representing a classic “tails I win, heads you lose” situation.

    Congress has, by law, now passed a bill that officially changes the United States from a democracy into a dictatorship of the Gang of 13. The reader should note that both the Democrats and the Republicans are responsible for this blatant power grab. The Democrats are the majority in the Senate and the Republicans are the majority in the House. Either party could have stopped this from happening and neither one did. Can it ever be more abundantly clear that both parties are effectively ONE PARTY.

    What’s the difference between one-party rule in a democracy and one-party rule in a communist state? There isn’t any difference. We all need to wake up to the fact that we have been betrayed by the congressmen and senators of both parties who voted “yes” on this bill, effectively changing the USA into the United Socialist/Fascist States of America (USFSA).

    It’s time to form new political parties to replace the Democrats and Republicans, who have blatantly betrayed the people. What used to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people is now a government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations. In this context, corporations mean large trans-national corporations which have NO allegiance to any country, only to their bottom-line profits. It is their lobbying money which has corrupted our political process and our politicians.

    The Council of 13 To Rule America

    Awake and Aware Hawai`i

    • giliar says :

      MikeHawaii – this “Super Committee” is truly a scary thought. It’s ridiculous to think that Congress needs to form a committee of 12people to do the job THEY are supposed to do! Frankly, I think they just wanted to end the debt limit marathon that was going on and head off to their respective vacations. I LOL’s just now hearing 0bama on TV talking about how “we have a lot of work to do.” Meanwhile, he’s headed to another big money fundraiser in NY tonight and then Martha’s Vineyard for vacation. Ridiculous.

      • MikeHawaii says :

        After actually reading the Budget Control Act of 2011, I thought that readers might be interested in the following summary. The link to the text of the Act is right under the title below so you can confirm the claims made in the analysis. You are encouraged to read it before you take issue with perspective shared below.


        Summary of Analysis of the Budget Control Act of 2011
        β€’ Bottom line: Congress abdicated constitutional responsibility to authorize spending
        β€’ Congress did the same thing when it abdicated its responsibility to declare war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, etc.
        β€’ Both parties are responsible (Republicans control House, Democrats control Senate)
        β€’ Both parties want to avoid political fallout in 2012, so they abdicated their responsibility and unconstitutionally gave it away to the President
        β€’ Neither party is working in the best interests of the people; new political parties need to be formed; the Republicans and Democrats conspire together against the people; let’s wake up
        β€’ Through and through, this bill is virtually identical to what Mitch McConnell suggested
        β€’ No conservative can be proud of this bill; you have been betrayed by the Republicans
        β€’ Likely makeup of the Joint Select Committee is six loyal Democrats and six compromising Republicans, just like it’s been for the past 100 years in America

        Power is Further Centralized in the Office of the President
        β€’ President is given power to raise debt limit by $2.1 trillion unless β…” Congress disapproves
        Βͺ President is given complete control of discretionary spending if no JSC bill passes
        β€’ All tax and/or spending bills until 1/31/12 must effectively be approved by the JSC
        β€’ Enables JSC to propose a deficit reduction bill with other dangerous bills within it
        β€’ If JSC bill does not pass, President can still raise debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion
        β€’ Discretionary spending limits required if bill does not pass are meaningless & unconstitutional
        β€’ Current Congress can not bind spending of future Congresses
        β€’ JCS creates dangerous precedent for future tax and spending bills (large portion of total bills)
        β€’ Congress may pass future laws to extend the life of the JSC

        Title III: Debt Ceiling Disapproval Process
        β€’ President authorized to raise debt limit by $900 billion by January 31, 2012
        β€’ Subject to joint resolution of disapproval by Congress within 50 days
        β€’ Notice to Congress required by President when within $100 billion of debt limit
        β€’ Upon notice to Congress, debt limit is instantly increased by $400 billion
        β€’ If disapproval bill passes, President can not raise debt any further
        β€’ If disapproval bill fails, President may raise debt limit by additional $500 billion

        If Disapproval Bill Fails Upon Initial Presidential Notification
        β€’ After raising the debt limit by $900 billion, President may raise further, as follows:
        β€’ At least an additional $1.2 trillion, plus, if the following applies:
        β€’ Additional $300 billion if Balanced Budget Amendment submitted to States, or
        β€’ Up to an additional $300 billion equal to deficit reduction over $1.2 trillion
        β€’ Additional extension subject to disapproval resolution within 15 days of notice

        Expedited Rules for Consideration of Disapproval Resolutions
        β€’ Rules for expedited handling of disapproval bills so they can’t be stalled
        β€’ No amendments and/or filibusters allowed – debated is limited
        β€’ Disapproval resolution is subject to veto by the President
        β€’ Veto override requires β…” vote of House & Senate
        β€’ Therefore, disapproval resolution must pass by veto-proof majorities

        Title IV – Creation of Joint House-Senate Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
        β€’ Act creates Joint House-Senate Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (JSC)
        β€’ Committee composed of 12 members selected by Congressional leaders
        β€’ Six members from the House, six members from the Senate
        β€’ Goal is to reduce deficit by at least $1.5 trillion from 2012 to 2021
        β€’ Joint Select Committee shall terminate on January 31, 2012

        Duties of Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
        β€’ By Oct 14, 2011, House & Senate Committees may submit recommendations
        β€’ Joint Select Committee to consider recommendations from House & Senate Committees
        β€’ By Nov 23, 2011, Committee shall vote on report including legislative language to implement
        β€’ Majority of members required for approval of Committee report
        β€’ If approved by Dec 2, 2011, report and bill are submitted to Congressional leaders
        β€’ If approved or disapproved, report, text of bill, and vote shall be made public

        Expedited Consideration of Joint Committee Deficit Reduction Bill
        β€’ No amendments allowed to legislation presented by Committee report
        β€’ Limited debate during consideration in both House and Senate
        β€’ If bill does not pass both houses of Congress and/or
        β€’ President disapproves by veto before Jan 15, 2012, the following applies:

        Revised Spending Limits that Apply if no JSC Deficit Reduction Act is passed:
        NDS = National Defense Spending, ODS = All Other Discretionary Spending
        2013: NDS – $556 billion, ODS – $501 billion
        2014: NDS – $546 billion, ODS – $510 billion
        2015: NDS – $566 billion, ODS – $520 billion
        2016: NDS – $577 billion, ODS – $530 billion
        2017: NDS – $590 billion, ODS – $541 billion
        2018: NDS – $603 billion, ODS – $553 billion
        2019: NDS – $616 billion, ODS – $566 billion
        2020: NDS – $630 billion, ODS – $578 billion
        2021: NDS – $644 billion, ODS – $590 billion


      • giliar says :

        MikeHawaii – great analysis. Big Mahalo!!!!!

    • Lee says :

      Understand the danger and constitutional issues, but two things to consider here:

      1. “Infowars”=Alex Jones=Piece of horse$#!+ not worthy of consideration.
      2. The flipside is the usefulness of such a tool if we win in 2012. The enemy sets the rules; we use them. Saving the country takes priority, and Alex Jones can take that and shove it where… Well, I’m probably not allowed to say much more.

  3. David says :

    You can ‘short’ stocks in a downturning market and make a killing. 8 times in a row Obama’s speech has driven the market down. Wonder who is ‘shorting’ today?
    Obama is not changing his tune, or using new material. He is getting what he wants, chaos. He’ll keep doing it as long as it works for him.

  4. Rita says :

    America-DOWN-GRADE, Fannie & Freddie-DOWN-GRADE, Warren Buffet-DOWN-GRADE (WARREN BUFFET ?????) Doesn’t Warren have a Corp Jet ?????? Did Barry tell the American people that Warren “His man” Buffet got himself a down-grade before he told America that Down-Grade Warren would have given the US a AAAA rating. I wonder how many people fly in on there Corp Jet’s to attend his $$$$37,800 diner-fund raiser’s, how many like GE that have the largest and best Corp lawyers finding and creating LOOP HOLES to keep there bosses and stock-holders from “THE TAX”

  5. Lee says :

    So, how’s the vacation from HDR going?

    As for the topic, though, there is a good side to this. Given the position of the U.S., if the American economy collapses, as nearly happened in September 2008, it would collapse the world economy. That would even everything out. And as I’ve said before, we still have the leading supply of the true world currency: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIoLSUeh2bA&feature=related

  6. mrethman says :

    And he’s a hack on the golf course too!

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