Jay Carney: “White House Doesn’t Create Jobs”

Happy Aloha Friday!  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney actually admitted yesterday what we’ve all know – they don’t create jobs.  But does the administration really believe that? They seem to want to grow government and put more people on its payroll, not the private sector’s.  I just got this great release from the Heritage Foundation about the 0bama administrations’s job-killing policies.  It’s a great overview of what he and his cronies continue to do to stifle economic growth.  From the article (not Jay Carney – now THAT would have been refreshing):  “The government cannot create private-sector jobs, but it can strongly affect the conditions for job-creating economic growth. But instead, the Obama Administration has helped create the conditions to stifle job growth. ”  Morning Bell: “The White House Does Not Create Jobs”.


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3 responses to “Jay Carney: “White House Doesn’t Create Jobs””

  1. David says :

    I disagree. There is one, and I propose ONLY ONE, job that the government can “create. In general that is of ‘tax collector.’ Every spoonful of soup, or mouthful of escargot any government official has to enjoy is paid for with tax revenue. The justification for that employee is always as a regulator in some form or another.

    I believe that Mr. Obama is trying to “change” America from a land full of opportunity into a giant ghetto where there is no incentive to do anything but obey the regulators.

  2. Lee says :

    He said, “Happy Aloha Friday!” on Thursday? Imagine Sarah Palin doing that.

    • giliar says :

      LOL, Lee! Looks like the title of the post (with the Jay Carney quote) didn’t come through correctly so I can see why this would be confusing. Jay Carney’s quote was that “the government. I went back and changed it so it makes more sense now.

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