‘A Plumber Would Be More Qualified’ Than Obama – Common American Journal

Just sending a thought your way……One thing these debt talks have shown is that 0bama has been rendered irrelevant, and that’s not a bad thing:   A Plumber Would Be More Qualified’ Than Obama – Common American Journal.



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  1. giliar says :

    Aloha, MikeHawaii. Please be assured that my posts do not just reflect the “personality” of Barack 0bama, but his dangerous ineptitude. His lack of experience is indeed showing.

    When I went to the website you provided and click on the link to find out more about “Operation Awake and Aware,” only a video that was already embedded in your original link appeared (called “The Story of Our Enslavement.”) I’d like to find out more about this group: who they are, who founded it, where they are based, etc. Where can I find that information?

    P.S. Also note that Lee is a patriot who has a strong BS detector. And while he disagrees (occasionally) with some of the opinions posted here, our basic beliefs are the same.

    • Lee says :

      Well, I’m glad you find that amusing. Yet is it not even more plausible than your conspiracy theory? Think about it. Yours involves hundreds of thousands of people being in on a massive action that somehow remains hidden. Mine involves a small cabal. Which is more practical to put together? And which is more likely to have so many security leaks as to sink it? Is it more believable that a small group is trying to manipulate a few things, or that a much larger group of such divergent interests and goals somehow works together knowingly to create this world we don’t see?

      Now you know how most people rightly see your conspiracy theories.

      But since I have your attention, and since Gilia has not–yet–seen fit to delete your crap, let me ask you this: Did it ever occur to you that the conspiracy you think you see might actually be cover for a different, real one? I read all the different theories put forward, and they can’t all be correct; A Nazi base in Antarctica hiding a Jewish Bolshevik movement with technology from aliens, by which this conspiracy threatens us with flying saucers, but yet flies George H.W. Bush to Paris in 1980 to negotiate the delay in Iran releasing the hostages until after an election that is rigged anyway, and which sets up Usama bin Laden, who doesn’t exist, to be a fall guy for the inside job of flying radio-controlled fake planes into and destroying the Twin Towers, which were rigged with allegedly detectable conventional explosives, rather than some sort of undetectable alien means, maybe like what was used in transporting the U.S.S. Philadelphia interdimensionally, and then kills this man who doesn’t exist, under the supposed orders of a Kenyan Muslim in the White House (okay, maybe that part’s true–LOL), who opposes the military-industrial complex that needs money from defense spending which is being cut by BOTH SIDES in the current debate, a debate resulting from the success of the Teabrainer grassroots movement that isn’t so grassroots…

      Dang, I could go on forever. In any case, perhaps you indeed have latched on to the wrong theory. Perhaps you are unwittingly part of the effort to distract people from the real story. Or perhaps you are WITTINGLY part of it! Yes! Perhaps you are part of the conspiracy, coming on here to steer people away from the work Gilia has done in exposing some things, and I have done in trying to make Teabrainers see education as something that goes beyond the sixth grade. Yes, maybe that’s it.

      Of course, perhaps the truth is far more commendable than anything you’d consider. Perhaps the real story is of a cooperative of business, military, and government working to keep our world on some degree of an even keel, rather than collapsing into chaos. Perhaps they are keeping down forces–foreign, domestic, or extraterrestrial–that would indeed establish an oppressive regime over the planet. Perhaps they allow and at times tweak and encourage views such as yours, to divert prying eyes away from their super-secret, but super-necessary, operations.

      Or perhaps all you’re seeing is just the natural result of people seeking their various and sundry aims in life, coupled with time and chance. Maybe Kissinger and Brez-whatever both met with the bin Laden family merely because–get this–that family is important in an important part of the world. Maybe “the CIA created bin Laden” and the Taliban as an effort to oppose the Soviet Union, and things progressed in an unfortunate direction. And perhaps…

      Well again, I could go on forever. In any case, I hope you will consider what I’ve written here. Are there conspiracies out there? Absolutely. That’s the nature of humanity. Do these conspiracies overlap at times in strange ways? No doubt. That’s the nature of politics and business. But is there a temporal cabal guiding the whole thing, to the point where one might start to argue that the world we see is not the world that really is? Highly unlikely. The level of multi-generational and multi-cultural coordination among the numbers of humans required is hardly plausible, given human nature and the nature of life itself. It just doesn’t fit reality.

      Freud said in his pseudo-scientific psychoanalysis that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Well, regardless of my disdain for that politically-driven field, he makes a point. Sometimes things are indeed basically as they appear. Sometimes there are facts that are hidden for whatever reason, good or bad. And sometimes things are hidden for the betterment of all involved (except the bad guys), and it is necessary or advisable to feed the general knowledge base for disinformation to maintain necessary order and optimum prosperity.

      Think about that.

  2. MikeHawaii says :

    When we understand the bigger picture, we realize that personalities don’t matter. It’s time to wake up and become aware of the fact that our government has been hi-jacked by a criminal cabal consisting of a revolving door regulators, the complicit media, and trans-national corporations who have no allegiance to any sovereign nation. This cabal wants a single World Government without borders or sovereignty. This is our real enemy. Let’s stop talking about Obama and other personalities and start focusing on stopping World Governance and the loss of sovereignty. The sooner we can change the focus from personalities to the unholy alliance of Monopoly Capitalism and International Socialism, the sooner we can start changing the tide back in favor of freedom, prosperity and Constitutional governance.

    Pass Code: 2011-FreedomForce

    • Lee says :

      “criminal cabal consisting of a revolving door regulators, the complicit media, and trans-national corporations” — Ah. Pass the tinfoil, folks.

      • MikeHawaii says :

        Thanks, Lee… You’ve confirmed what I expected. It’s a well-known fact that there is a revolving door of big business executives in and out of the federal regulatory agencies (FDA, FTC, EPA, etc.) which now make and enforce most of the laws (aka regulations) without representation of the people; it is well-known among insiders of the media that all the national media is censored and controlled by the pharmaceutical and food processing industry, and the federal government, from which it is licensed to operate; and it is well-known fact that Congressmen and Senators do not write or read the bills they introduce or vote upon; the corporate lobbyists write the bills and provide the grease (campaign contributions and outright bribes) to pass legislation. No tin-foil required when so many facts are easily verified. For those who are NOT closeminded, I strongly encourage you to watch the short 10-minute video linked below:

        Operation: Awake And Aware
        Pass Code: 2011-FreedomForce

      • Lee says :

        Listen, I’m trying to help you out here. When I informed my cadre leader about your post, I learned that High Command was already tracking you. They thought you were harmless at first, but now that you’re posting here, they can’t tolerate you. So, please, for your own sake and that of your family, just let this go. The FEMA camps in ANWR are no place for them.

  3. mrethman says :

    Obama wasn’t a “law professor” any more than a “teachers’ aide” is a high school principal. Barry has been a scam from the git-go.

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